What Golf Professionals Should Do During Practice Rounds

I think that the video speaks for itself.

I thought this interaction with a potential young player was well worth sharing.

Have an awesome day!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Does Pace of Play Really Affect Your Golf Score

Just about anything can cause a delay on the golf course.

Every golfer has a pace of play that suits their game. I know that much talk has indicated that the professionals are to blame for amateurs taking their sweet time on the links, but I am not entirely convinced that this is the case. Without getting into a huge discussion, today, the complaints about slow professionals is purely economical and has nothing to do with everyday golf.

Having said this, I actually do not believe that changing a players pace of play actually hurts their game…..within reason of course!

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Unacceptable Behaviour in Golf

Golf is a game of etiquette, professionalism, good manners, and fair play. Or at least I think it is! Over the past while, I have notice a change in what is considered acceptable behavior on the golf course. An increase of professional players throwing their clubs in the water, purposely breaking their clubs, and flopping their clubs out of their hands at the end of a swing seems to be growing in frequency.

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Your Next Shot In Golf

Important Golf Shot Ben Hogan

10th Hole – Glen Abbey Golf Club

Ben Hogan is a genius.

Imagine, after three putting the last¬†hole then talking to yourself to the tee box,¬†you¬†face a tee shot like the 10th hole at Glen Abbey Golf Club. As you approach the hitting area, look out over the hole, you start to think….oh my, now what.

Novice golfers worry about their last shot and forget to focus on what is in front of them. Experienced golfers are able to focus on the job at hand. Competitive golfers are able to execute shots under pressure. Professional golfers think about their next shot and how to take advantage of the hole layout. There are many other variations to focused golf, but I think you get the point.

By following Hogan’s advice to only worry about the next shot, many of us amateurs would cut down on the multiple stokes gained from making a mistake. I know that through the years I earned many ‘extra strokes’ because I¬†focused on the past instead of the present. It happens less now, but still happens.

This year, it is time to stay focused ¬†mentally on my next shot and reduce those unwanted errors. Not sure I fully understand how I am going to do this……any suggestions?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

PGA Tour: These Guys are Good

I stumbled across this video: The top 10 shots of the 2013 FedEx Cup Playoffs. As I watch all the great shots, all I could do is smile. It is amazing how good professional golfers really are!

My favorite was Number 8. Scott Brown’s bounce off the cart path on a drivable par 4 hole. It brings back many memories of hitting something on the course which resulted in something special.

Which shot did you like the best? I would like to know!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.