Your Next Shot In Golf

Important Golf Shot Ben Hogan

10th Hole – Glen Abbey Golf Club

Ben Hogan is a genius.

Imagine, after three putting the last hole then talking to yourself to the tee box, you face a tee shot like the 10th hole at Glen Abbey Golf Club. As you approach the hitting area, look out over the hole, you start to think….oh my, now what.

Novice golfers worry about their last shot and forget to focus on what is in front of them. Experienced golfers are able to focus on the job at hand. Competitive golfers are able to execute shots under pressure. Professional golfers think about their next shot and how to take advantage of the hole layout. There are many other variations to focused golf, but I think you get the point.

By following Hogan’s advice to only worry about the next shot, many of us amateurs would cut down on the multiple stokes gained from making a mistake. I know that through the years I earned many ‘extra strokes’ because I focused on the past instead of the present. It happens less now, but still happens.

This year, it is time to stay focused  mentally on my next shot and reduce those unwanted errors. Not sure I fully understand how I am going to do this……any suggestions?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

7 thoughts on “Your Next Shot In Golf

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  2. Jim,

    It can often be challenging to shrug off bad shots. My new thought on the course is simply “acceptance”. I’m fully immersed in my target and have faith it will go there, but keep a sense of acceptance for wherever the ball ends up. This helps me keep a level head after a shot doesn’t go where planned.



  3. Great post. Very easy to follow up a bad shot with another one. I try not to follow up a bad shot with another bad shot. But Three bad shots followed up with a good one still is par for any par 4 hole!


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