Supporting Your Local Golf Course Is Just Plain Smart

I like finding as much golf value for the buck as I can. I hunt for deals and try to stretch my money as far as possible. I think that most golfers are like me and spend their money at many golf stores other than at their local golf course. Over the years, I learned that if I take the time to talk the pro at my local proshop, I make an equal or better deal than I can anywhere else. In those cases, I save money and have instant access to the equipment I am trying to buy. Not only do I save money, but I am supporting my local golf course and that is just smart!

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Returning Found Golf Clubs – It Is The Right Thing To Do!

During one of my few rounds last year, I left my 56º Vokey sand wedge on one of the holes. I only realized I lost it on the 18th hole and had no clue about how far back I left this valuable club. After putting out, I immediately headed to the proshop and to my dismay it had not been turned in. So, I put the rest of my clubs in the car and was about to start my search. My plan was to work backwards and talk to all the players I met. Fortunately, I never had to start because the group behind us and found my precious treasure and asked in the parking lot if it was mine. Whew! That was close. Unfortunately, many players are not as fortunate. Continue reading