Returning Found Golf Clubs – It Is The Right Thing To Do!

During one of my few rounds last year, I left my 56º Vokey sand wedge on one of the holes. I only realized I lost it on the 18th hole and had no clue about how far back I left this valuable club. After putting out, I immediately headed to the proshop and to my dismay it had not been turned in. So, I put the rest of my clubs in the car and was about to start my search. My plan was to work backwards and talk to all the players I met. Fortunately, I never had to start because the group behind us and found my precious treasure and asked in the parking lot if it was mine. Whew! That was close. Unfortunately, many players are not as fortunate.

I was greatly encouraged by responses, so I reached out to Osprey Links Golf Course and their response did not support the early findings.

Another reader supports Osprey Links points:

Chris Squires is a course Ranger and he finds clubs all the time. Additionally, he mentions this:

His sensible solution to a lost club makes sense to me. I do not think I have ever placed my club in another player’s bag, but I can easily see how it could happen. Thanks for the search recommendation, Chris.

Most other respondents were of the same mindset as me and would return the club to the proshop without hesitation. In fact, I did this very thing 3 times last year. I never worry about the make or quality of the club because it is not mine, so keeping a found club is never an option.

On a side note, I wrote an article on how Golf Canada helps reunite lost golf clubs and their owners: “As a card-carrying member of Golf Canada, I am entitled to a free service where if I left my club on a hole, someone could find it and email me and let me know how to where to pick up my club. It is a great idea and so I decided to give it a whirl.” If you want to know more, check out my previous article.

Having a lost club returned is like receiving a present. It is so disheartening to lose one, but having it returned fills us with elation. If you ever find a golf club on the course, please hand it into the proshop at the turn or end of your round. You never know when someone will return the favour to you.

Lastly, if you do lose a club, don’t take it out on the staff, it was never their fault.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



5 thoughts on “Returning Found Golf Clubs – It Is The Right Thing To Do!

  1. I always turn in things I find on the course. After losing one if my wedges, I know exactly how it feels to have a set broken up. I am grateful for the guys who are cleaning the carts at a couple of the courses I play and have to give them a shout out for turning in my wallet both times I left it in the cart last year. Mangrove Bay Golf course and Bardmoor Golf and Tennis Club have awesome employees. Both times I did it I realized it halfway home and called as I turned around and both times, the front desk already had it in their possession waiting for me to come back.

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