Finding Lost Golf Clubs!

Another tradition to the end of my golf season is to rummage through all my golfing magazines, articles, mail, and, well, printed stuff I collected through the season. Losing myself in my thoughts of golf, I stumbled across identification stickers from Golf Canada. I remember receiving them at the beginning of the season and filed them for further use.

Of course, my filing system was to place these valuable stickers on my pile of golf stuff that I would get to in due time. Well, at the end of the golf season was due time.


Free Club Identification and Return Service from Golf Canada!

As a card-carrying member of Golf Canada, I am entitled to a free service where if I left my club on a hole, someone could find it and email me and let me know how to where to pick up my club. It is a great idea and so I decided to give it a whirl.20151018_110257

My first step was to place the stickers on my clubs. I actually gave it some thought and decided that just above the club head out of my field of view was the perfect place to place these little gems. I put them on all my clubs and my head covers.

Next, I emailed the service with my identification number and an auto-generated email was sent to my inbox in less than 15 seconds. (Yes, I timed it! Stop laughing)

This is what it said:Tag ID email

Now, I rarely lose my clubs. Actually, I cannot remember the last time that I did. However, after investing a sizeable sum on a full set of new Titleist AP2 irons, Titleist Driver, 3-wood, and 3-hybrid, I figured it was worth a try.

I think this is an excellent service provided by Golf Canada just for being a member of the Golf Association of Ontario. Hopefully I will never have to use this service, but if I do, the cost of a yearly membership will be paid for the first time!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Finding Lost Golf Clubs!

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