Becoming a Golf Canada Member

Becoming a Golf Canada Member is a no-brainer. I believe in taking an active role in supporting the growth of the sport I love. Of course my golf blog helps, but so does joining the organization whose sole purpose is to ‘grow the game’. I talked to many of my friends and they seem to be bench-sitting because they are unaware of all the benefits this membership offers. Well, go no further because you are about to be convinced that belonging to Golf Canada has an immediate benefit to you and to the future of golf.

The topic of joining Golf Canada came up while talking to Jeff Rogerson a few days ago. Jeff, the General Manager / Managing Director, graciously gave me an hour of his time to talk golf and of course a Golf Canada Membership came up. Before I get into the details, Jeff mentioned that if I had renewed my membership through Osprey Links Golf Course (an associate member of the GAO / Golf Canada) I could have saved about 30% off the price of my membership! Ooops on my part because I had already renewed, but if any local players, or any players for that matter, are thinking about joining, talk to Jeff or your local golf course for potential savings!

So why join Golf Canada? Well, that is a great question! It is more about establishing a handicap (like it is perceived to be). It offers many other benefits that most seem to over look. The following is an overview and the complete details can be found at Join Canada’s Largest Golf Community

  • Equipment Protection
  • Travel Protection
  • Track Your Golf Game – I use this feature after every round
  • Equipment Identification and Retrieval – I wrote about this process
  • Broken Window Protection
  • Accident Protection
  • Member-Exclusive Discounts: Apparel, Gear, and Events
  • Official Rules of Golf
  • Support the Future of Canadian Golf
  • Golf Canada Welcome Kit

As you can see, there is plenty to offer when you become a Golf Canada Member. With over 300,000 members, this group of dedicated golfers are doing the part to ‘grow the game’ and keep golf alive for future Brooke Henderson or Corey Connors!

When you plan to purchase your Golf Canada Membership, talk to your local golf professional to see if they can offer a discount. Saving a few bucks, as well as all the fantastic benefits for such a low price really is a no-brainer to me.

Thanks Jeff Rogerson at Osprey Links Golf Course for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to talk golf!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Becoming a Golf Canada Member

  1. Broken window protection is something I could have used a couple of times. Twice I’ve hit the same window over the years. But I think due to age at least, I’m past that now unless the wind is really strong. That hole is a short par 4 that plays 248 from the back tee box, but hitting the window requires 290 yards in the air at sea level. I don’t seem to be able to hit it that far anymore. At least not without a lot of help. So his window is probably safe from me now. Even so, when the breeze is helping on that hole, I hit a 3 iron off the tee just to be safe.

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