Another Indication Your Golf Season is Over!

I am sure many of you have yearly golf traditions. Recently, you read one of mine when I played my final round at Trillium Woods Golf Club. After my last round, my next tradition is to clean my golf ‘stuff’ and put them in a safe, warm place for the winter!

First, I clean out all my pouches. There is nothing worse than finding a half eaten anything in your bag next spring.

I take all my clothes and wash them. This generally includes my rain suit and other outer wear.

I remove my towels and throw them in the wash. I generally carry two towels and replace at least one each year. This year, my beloved Nipissing University Towel will be recycled for greener pastures.

I take all the broken ‘stuff’ and bin them. Then scour the sales to replace what needs replacing. This year I need to find a new pair of brown golf shoes.

I remove all the golf balls that I will not need next year and replace them with Titleist ProV1 and Srixon. I like to prepare for next year by marking them with my TGG logo! (still working on exactly what it looks like, but I am getting close)

I wipe my bag clean.

20151018_101014 20151018_10095320151018_101002Lastly, I clean my clubs. I fill the basement sink with warm soapy water and let my irons soak for about 3 minutes. Then, I take a soft brush, scrub clean, and dry them off. Next, I dip my woods in the water for about 10 seconds, scrub clean, and dry off immediately.

Lastly, I take a wet cloth and wipe off the grips and let air dry. This entire process takes about 30 minutes to an hour. After air drying the grips, I place my clubs in my clean bag and anxiously wait for spring!

Cleaning my clubs is an important yearly tradition. I believe that it is important to take care of my equipment. Most of us have a fair bit of money invested in our sport and this is one way of making my kit last longer.

Do you clean your clubs at the end of each season? Do you have any other tips to make your equipment last?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


17 thoughts on “Another Indication Your Golf Season is Over!

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  2. Jim I used to do the day when I lived in Toronto. Now that I’m in Florida I just try to keep things clean. But I probably need a real good clean out of my golf bag. I’m inspired, I’ll spend part of this coming weekend cleaning things up. ⛳️⛳️⛳️

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  3. Jim,

    I too clean out my bag during the off-season, but I usually put it off a bit longer than you do! I wish finding money was as common for me as finding half-eaten things. Haha


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  4. Jim, I have a fairly similar routine but I’ll usually wait till around Christmas to put them away and with luck, take them out in late February when it starts to warm up. I also like to place an order for new grips and put them on over the winter. Sometimes I’ll change my driver, putter, and wedge grips mid season just to get that twice a year freshness feeling.

    Find any cash or old half eaten cinnamon buns in there? 🙂


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    • Brian,

      Not this year, but I have found some unwelcomed leftovers through the years. I change my grips as well, but this year they are still new since I bought my new AP2s in August. Great to have back commenting.



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