Golf’s Season Ending Routine

With the end of my golf season just around the corner, I am thinking about some of the many things I need to do to protect my clubs. As my sticks enter their long winters nap, I think it only fitting that I give them a good scrubbing to knock off the dirt. Actually, I think this is just natural, but after my poll, I see that this is not really the case.

Cleaning my golf clubs at the end of the season seems like a natural thing to do!

I always put the scrub brush to my clubs before storing them for 5 months. I figure that the money I have invested, it only makes sense to polish them to a bright gleam before I wrap them in a shell.

I mean my clubs generally last 5 to 6 years and their care and maintenance is an important factor to ensure that I receive a great return on my investment. I am not sure why some golfers would not clean their clubs at the end of the season, but who am I to judge. It is their equipment and they are the ones who will be using them next year.

There are a small number of players who do not clean their kit, but there is one number that disturbs me a bit more in this poll:

Yup, the 55 percent of players who have no off-season! I am officially jealous that these grateful golfers can play year around. I guess that is the reward you get for living in warmer climes. As I become a more seasoned golfer, I can appreciate their choices to live where you can golf all year. It is appealing and I think in the future I will have to plan a winter trip to break up the winter wonderland I call home.

Cleaning my golf clubs is an important part of keeping my equipment ready for the next time I play. More importantly, removing the dirt before putting my sticks away for the winter ensures that they will last for many seasons. Do you clean your clubs regularly?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “Golf’s Season Ending Routine

  1. Jim, I’m one of those players that cleans after every practice session or round so they never have a build-up whether it’s the beginning, mid-point, or end of the season. We still have another month of good playable weather that leads up to my November beach golf trip. MAY THE SEASON NEVER END!!!



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