Double Hitting My Golf Ball

During my last round of golf, I double hit my golf ball. I was off the 9th green about 15 yards and setting up for a pitch shot. My ball was buried a bit in the grass, but not so deep that I had to change my shot. So I set everything up, started my swing, and double tap. I hit my ball twice and was 17 yards from the green when all was done. Needless to say, I hung my head low, walked over to my ball and hit on the green about 25 feet from the pin. I was very disappointed!

After the round, I replayed this missed shot over and over in my mind. I wonder where I went wrong that caused my double hit. I was very disappointed because generally mistakes like this are mental and this time it was no different. 

Standing over my ball with a sand wedge in my hand, I was going through my pre-shot routine and mental thoughts to execute this shot. Then something crazy happened. Halfway through my swing thoughts, I stopped thinking. Then I started to execute my shot. When I reached the apex of my back swing, I realized I was not ready. So I decided to help the ball to the green. Yup, I changed my swing by decelerating through the ball and as it popped out of the grass, my club head (moving faster than the ball) caught it about 3 feet from its original position.

After going through each step I realized one thing. I did not commit to the shot. I started everything properly, and then stopped. And after my mental lapse decided I needed to fix things. Well that was all folly. I realize that by not committing to the shot from the very beginning, I went out of sync and as a result I double hit my ball! So, moving forward, I need to commit to every shot before I even start my pre-shot routine. It is a must if I want to play well and score low.

If you are wondering the ruling:

Rule 14-4 is very clear. Striking the Ball More Than Once – If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all.

So I walked off the 9th hole with a smooth triple. The first won of the season. I was very disappointed, but will use this as a learning opportunity to improve my game moving forward.

Have you ever double hit a golf ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Double Hitting My Golf Ball

  1. It’s been awhile, but I’ve done it. It was a beautiful day for golf today. That helped make up a bit for my poor showing. I had a case of the shorts today around the green and kept pulling my shots most of the day. No timing. No touch. The only good thing was I missed nothing inside 6 feet and the weather. I stayed out for 27 holes and watched the sun set on the last hole. Even though it wasn’t my day for good play, I’ll take that over no play and time.

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    • Kevin

      Absolutely, a poor day on the course beats not playing at all. I get the shorts once in a while as well. I never worry about it either, it just happens. I hope you time on the links today is better.

      Cheers Jim


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