4 Putts Wins the Day

What is the greatest number of putts you have made on one hole? I asked this innocent question a couple of days back and I was not surprised to see that 4 was the most popular answer! I can honestly say that I have 5 putted once, but that was a very long time ago. Now, a three putt is the most shoot on one hole. Continue reading

Preparing to Play Golf Without a Driving Range

The course I play on a regular basis does not have a driving range. There is a reasonable chipping and putting green and a driving net. Of course this is not the best scenario for preparing to play golf, but I have developed my own routine make the best of the situation. I use my system when preparing for tournaments and most rounds. Continue reading

Sinking Long Putts Lower Your Golf Score

What a profound statement! Who would have thought that sinking a long putt would help lower my golf score! I think I need to pay more attention. As I remove my tongue from my cheek, I think every golfer understands the value of expectantly sinking a long putt. Not only does it save strokes, but changes the our mood (even if it is short lived) where we start to think positive about our game. Sinking long putts provide nothing but positive aspects to our round. But I have to ask: what is a long putt? Continue reading

Selecting the Right Ball in a Scramble Tournament

I am on a bit of a tangent talking about scramble golf tournaments lately because of the discussion my first question a few days ago generated on Twitter. Today’s post will be the last in this series and then I will start to focus on the Ryder Cup! The theme of this post is selecting the right ball to play after the drive or in the case of a par 5, the third shot if you are on the green. It is a tough decision sometimes, but I have general guidelines I follow that helps easy the decision making process. Continue reading