Self-Assessment of My 2019 Golf Game

Before forging ahead with my 2020 golf season, I always find it beneficial to look back at my performance last year. This introspection guides my goals for the next season, but only if I honestly look at what I accomplished and put it in a perspective I can use. This is not overly difficult, but it only works if I am true to myself and be totally honest.

Of course it is important to start any self-assessment with tangible data. This year I kept stats for most of my rounds and here is how things flushed out:

I played 42 rounds of 18 holes I could use for my handicap. I had a scoring average 76.35 per round. Most of the rounds were at my home course of Osprey Links Golf Course plays par at 71.

Over Par5.35
Fairways off the tee75.56%
Putts per Round31.2973
Putts per Hole1.74

I played at least 40 rounds or partial rounds that include Men’s Night, Senior Men’s Day, 6 – 2,3 or 4 person scramble tournaments and fun rounds where the score could not be used for my handicap.

Looking back, it is easy to see that my main strength was off the tee. I hit the ball very well and even if I missed, I was in play with a reasonable shot at the green 15% of the time. the other 10% I had to manufacture something to protect my score. I changed my driver to a Callaway Rogue late in 2017 and used it extensively in 2018. In my opinion, this was the main reason for my success off the tee.

My weakest part of my game was GIR. I had a very difficult time hitting the green from between the distance of 175 and 140 yards. My GIR percentage was well under the overall average of 55%. If was to hazard to guess, I would suggest that the percentage was in mid to low 20s. Additionally, my gap wedge was the worse; it also contribute to my poor overall GIR. I am not sure why this year my GIR was so poor, but it is what it is.

I was very happy with my short game and putting. It was solid and ebbed and flowed. I would suggest that putting saved many rounds. However, I did have several rounds in the 35 and 36 putts. This contributed to my 31 putts per round average. A point of note, I had many long putts due to my poor approach shots. This is not an excuse, but a reality of my game last year.

Now that you have all the data, lets really look at what happened to my golf game last year. The short answer is absolutely nothing! I had a fantastic year and here are the reasons why:

  • My main goal was to play as much golf as possible and I accomplished that. The fact that I was recovering from cancer, again, I just wanted to play as much as possible. I figure 80+ times is a great start.
  • My game improved as the season went on; as I became healthier.
  • My mental game improved, but still needs some work. But is very acceptable all things considered
  • I played golf with many great friends who supported and encouraged my recovery. How can I complain about my game when I have friends watching my back.

Basically, I am encouraged by my 2019 golf game. At the end, I was starting to feel like my old self on the links. I did stop playing early due to a move, but that is just a life thing. I expect that in 2020 I will finally play a whole season.

So my self-assessment is that my 2019 golf game would receive a 4 out of 5. I accomplished most of what I wanted to do and as such will look back at 2019 with positive memories. I expect great things in 2020 and it all starts today!

How was your 2019 golf game? Were you happy with your overall results?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Self-Assessment of My 2019 Golf Game

  1. Great question Jim
    My initial thoughts on my game was it was not a success over the year but these 3 months were great. I took some lessons and increased the height of my ball flight, increases distance and went to a slight fade. I feel good about my game. I got fitted for new clubs – though I didn’t pull the trigger yet, waiting for my bonus to come in. But I am seeing my ball-striking coming along nicely. And my iron game is much improved. I’m excited about golf again.


      • Hey Jim
        I did the full bag fitting at a place called Club Champion. It took 4 hours for irons. 4 hours for woods and wedges and putter. I landed on Taylormade P730 with Project X 6.0 shafts. The Honma Justin Rose Proto was also great. Driver will be a Titleist T20 with a Fubuki stiff shaft. My putter was bent from 4 degrees to 3 degrees. My wedges and 3 wood were fine. I gained 7 yds in carry distance and 20 yds with this driver. It’s a great experience and well worth it. I tried everything – from TW irons to PXG irons which cost $675 USD per iron. 👍. I waiting till I get my bonus in feb. I’ll let you know if I can pull the trigger.

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      • Linley,

        That sounds like an awesome experience! I am glad things worked out for you. Please do let’s us know when you buy your new sticks. I will be curious to hear how the improve your game!

        Cheers Jim


  2. I spent most of last year working on things to improve my game while on the course rather than playing for score so I didn’t track as much data last year as I have in some of the years past. Overall though, I have to give myself a pat on the back since I did manage to finally break par twice and get that checked off the bucket list. I also solved the issue I had at the beginning of the year with trajectory with my driver and I have made progress with being able to hit a draw, fade or a straight tee shot with it on demand too. And my putting was very good this year averaging 27 putts on the rounds I tracked for score. I made a lot of 7 to 8 footers last year. Far more than any year I’ve tracked before. So I’m thinking I did a decent job of progressing. But I am not thinking I can’t do better this year. I still desire to make more improvements and consider my game still a work in progress. I guess that’s normal for most of us. My plan for this year is to do better still at shaping my shots on demand with the driver, to work on my ball striking with my irons and wedges, and to spend a bit more time practicing my short game than I did last year. I’d also like to add some stretching exercises this year to help keep my body able to turn because I turn 60 this month and I want to keep as much of my distance as I can for as long as I can.

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    • Kevin

      It definitely sounds like you hade a successful year on the links. Your putting average is very good and Inhope.lower money this year. And as I age, key to everything on the course. Thanks fornyour recap.

      Cheers Jim


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