Happy New Year – 2020

Well, goodbye 2019. Last year was a year of transition in my golf game and life. On many days I had no idea what to expect, what a roller coaster ride. I am grateful that my health improved and I was able to play plenty of golf. I am happy to say that today marks a new chapter in my journey. I am excited for 2020 because the blank canvas in front of me. I have some goals that I will share in the near future once I flush out the reality of the possible.

I am feeling strong and focused and plan to continue to focus on many things golf, but more importantly I will create the year I want. It is time to reinvigorate my mental process the law of attraction. It works for me and now that I am creating a new normal, it has to be part of my daily mental good health.

Of course, regardless of what life throws my way, I will remain grateful. For being grateful is really the only way to a happy and joy-filled life.

Today is the start of your journey as well; I hope you and your special loved ones have a healthy and joyous 2020!

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