Having an Unspectacular Golf Season

If you read The Grateful Golfer, you will realize that I try to keep things very positive and focused on all things golf. Without too much effort, I can find something to write about that will either lift my spirits or my game. So today, I decided to think about all the positives of my golf season. As I did, I realized that I could easily think I had an unspectacular golf season, but that, of course, I would just be fooling myself.  Continue reading

Review of Forté Golf Balls is Coming

Now that spring is here, it is time to review the Forté Golf Balls I received late last fall. It is my intention to have something out next week, so stay tuned!

Forté Golf Balls are relatively new to the market. I was approached to give an honest assessment of their product and I am excited to put their golf balls to the test. Forté is an Australian company created by avid golfers and their ball developed was focused on all level of players.

“We’ve created an entirely new formula for the golf ball. The softest ball we design helps those non-pros conquer difficulties—no matter the situation. That’s the entire reason we’ve created FORTÉ.” (Forté Golf) Continue reading

Reviewing Antigua Golf Shirts

A golf shirt is one of the more important pieces of golf apparel. A proper fitting shirt helps to promote freedom of movement needed for a smooth golf swing. Too restrictive or too loose of a shirt will definitely affect a player’s ability to fully complete the movements required during their swing. Recently, I received two golf shirts from Antiqua to review and determine if they meet the requirements of an amateur golfer. Continue reading