Reviewing Antigua Golf Shirts

A golf shirt is one of the more important pieces of golf apparel. A proper fitting shirt helps to promote freedom of movement needed for a smooth golf swing. Too restrictive or too loose of a shirt will definitely affect a player’s ability to fully complete the movements required during their swing. Recently, I received two golf shirts from Antiqua to review and determine if they meet the requirements of an amateur golfer.

The two shirts I received are of great quality and are very comfortable. They fit very well and have good length through my entire body. I wear a large and their sizes suit my average frame perfectly. Unfortunately, it is the dead of winter so you will have to wait for the final results of my testing, but in the meantime I thought I would present them to you.


Antiqua Endure Golf Shirt

“DESERT DRY™ Technology is a moisture wicking technology created exclusively for Antigua to absorb and wick moisture quickly & evenly to achieve the most efficient evaporation possible to keep you comfortable and dry. Antigua apparel is routinely tested under the hottest conditions of the Arizona Desert to assure that it meets our high standard of moisture wicking performance.


Antiqua Adept Golf Shirt

DESERT DRY™ Technology is high-tech functional performance fabric developed exclusively by Antigua to Wick away moisture and sweat;
Dry quicker than all other fabrics;
Reduce body temperature during activity; Incorporate an air flow system to breathe; Feel more comfortable longer; Minimize body & fabric cling; and All Performance Polos.”

I am looking forward to wearing these excellent golf shirts in the spring and to give them a real test. Stay tuned in April for an update on my thoughts, however if these shirts meet my expectations from my first impression, these will be winners for sure.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Reviewing Antigua Golf Shirts

  1. GG

    Boxing Day Update : Played in the Boozy Bash Comp on Boxing Day.
    18 Holes Standard singles stableford off full hcap.

    Its called the ” Boozy Bash ” as each player had to arrive with a bottle of something ( Baileys , Vodka, Scotch , Wine etc ) and the marshal places a bottle at each tee and you have to have a shot before each shot with 2 x on the par 3’s when you dont hit the green.

    This was great until about the 8th then it rolled into carnage with the scores predictably on the low side haha..was great fun but it was tough playing a bit sozzled lol…i ended up with a respectable 28 points.

    Peace Out

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