Did I Make or Miss My Shot

Sometimes I am faced with a unique shot that challenges my ability to focus on hitting the ball and not the conditions around me. Well, a few days ago, I had this exact situation and I decided to rise to the challenge. I mean why not, I was playing well and felt that the conditions were perfect for something good to happen.

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Crazy Things That Happen on the Golf Course!

We all have stories about the crazy things that to us on the golf course. I have plenty and like to tell a few to my friends as we have a libation around the fire pit. I have one that happened yesterday that I thought would be fun to share. It has all the makings for a fantastic story with a tragic ending.

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My Best Golf Shot of The Day

Even a blind squirrel will find a nut from time to time. That is how I felt yesterday when playing golf. I played very consistently, but nothing fantastic or special. I hit 65% of the fairways and 45% GIR, but I was able to score okay and walked off the course with a 76. This is still a few strokes higher than needed to lower my handicap index, but I am getting there. I did, however, want to share my last shot into the 18th green, it was by far the best shot of the day!

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Shots of the Week From Texas

I realize these shots are a week old, but I found them when reviewing the shots of the week from PGA.com.  This week, the shots are from out of the sand, from the fairway, from the tee and the final putt on the green.  All are excellent.

PGA.com Shots of the Week

As a learning point, watch the players heads.  None move during impact.  It reminds of the famous quote  “Keeping the head still is golf’s one universal, unarguable fundamental.” – Jack Nicklaus

Golfhabits.com has a very good article called Keeping the Head Still.  It is worth a read.

It was plus 15 today and the snow is almost gone.  Maybe the driving range will be open this weekend.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

Shot of the Day!

I like to go on various sites and watch the shot of the day.  It is exciting to see these exciting and rare shots.  But are these shots really rare?  Some would say that the pros (and amateurs) make these remarkable shots all the time.  I would say, that media has allowed the average golfer to watch special shots without having sift through countless mundane shots.

Take for instance Phil Mickelson’s putt at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.  The 56 foot 7 inch putt was awesome.  It was considered the shot of the day.  I am sure there were other great shots, but this one was clutch and led to him winning the tournament.

Well, to put this into perspective: there were 74 players, 5089 shots in the final round with a scoring average of 68.77.  Out of all those strokes, Phil’s putt was the selected shot of the day.  That is 0.00019652 percent of a chance to have his shot selected.  I would say that is pretty impressive.  Additionally, he was under tremendous pressure because Brandt Snedeker was making a late charge and Phil’s putt closed the door.

My point today is that anyone can have a shot of the day.  The perfect shot is in everyone at any time.  But, the pros (or even extremely capable amateurs) seem to make it look easy.  It is something to aspire too!  57 days before the courses open….see you on the links!