Crazy Things That Happen on the Golf Course!

We all have stories about the crazy things that to us on the golf course. I have plenty and like to tell a few to my friends as we have a libation around the fire pit. I have one that happened yesterday that I thought would be fun to share. It has all the makings for a fantastic story with a tragic ending.

I was playing the 11th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course. It is a par 3 playing 168 yards and I used a 6-iron to a blue pin.

11th hole Osprey Links Golf Course

As you can see, there are rocks on the left and behind the green. Water to the right that is in play all the time. The above picture was taken from the blue tees, but we were playing from the white which was just in front of the bench on the right.

I was striking the ball very well yesterday and a 6 iron was the perfect club to fly the ball all the way to the back right blue pin. As I set up, I decided to aim for the middle of the green. Unfortunately I pulled my ball left and it:

  1. Hit the cart path just left of the push carts in the picture.
  2. It bounced of the big rock on the left.
  3. My ball hit the cart path halfway up the hill.
  4. Then my ball kicked right and stayed on top of the rocks behind the green.
On the rocks behind the 11th green at Osprey Links Golf Course. The tee is to the top right of the picture.

As you can see, I had a shot. It was not an easy one and I could not take any divot because the grass was not really that deep. So, I took my 52 degree gap wedge and bladed the ball. I landed it about two paces short of the green.

From a different perspective, this is what my shot looked like.

Solid results from a shot from the top of the rocks.

This ball is about 3 feet from the pin, but mine was came to rest about 8 feet away. I had a chance at an amazing par. So, I took my time, chose my line, and made solid contact. Unfortunately, I hit my ball 1 foot past the hole and burned the right edge. I was both elated and disappointed. It could have been an awesome par, but alas I walked off with a bogey.

This was first of 5 bogies in a row. I was striking the ball so well, but putting like a clown. I ended up with a 79 yesterday with 35 putts! My game is coming and I will get my putting in order. In the meantime, I hope that my next wayward adventure ends up with a par or better!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Crazy Things That Happen on the Golf Course!

  1. Getting it to 8 feet from that lie is pretty good I’d say. It looks like you had to have had one foot on the rock and the other on the grass and that might have made the shot even tougher. While it’s too bad you missed the putt, from what I can see in the pictures that green looks like the break would be pretty subtle so burning the edge isn’t something to worry about much. Keep the faith. It’s still early in your season. You’ll be back to form soon.

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