Most Interesting Golf Shot Of The Day

This is a follow up from yesterdays article about playing with hickory shaft golf clubs. I meant to add it to the post, but missed it all together. This particular shot happened on the 9th hole of Osprey Links during the Golf Historical Society of Canada event. I have never see this result before and thought it was worth sharing.

Mike was one of my playing partners and he the clubs very well. On the last hole, he hit is driver about 210 yards and this is where it ended up:

Notice where Mike’s ball stopped?

Mike’s ball came to rest directly behind the 150 yard marker. It was actually touching (as you can see) the post. I have never seen this result before in all the years I have been playing. I have it the markers a few times; came to rest very close to the marker; but, never actually touching the post.

This was a very interesting shot and, as I said earlier, I thought it was worth sharing.

Have you ever seen this before? Has it happened to you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Most Interesting Golf Shot Of The Day

  1. I’ve learned not to target them. I have this annoying habit of hitting things I target when it hurts a lot more often than I do when it helps. No more trees, traps, or yardage markers as targets for me. lol

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