Riding the Wave of Great Golf

Golf is like a roller coaster. There are highs and lows that will make your stomach turn in every direction. Like all sports, some days are special and others need are quickly forgotten. Currently, I am riding a 4 round spree of great golf. My scores are low, my consistency is solid and I am confident with ever shot. I am riding a wave of great golf. Continue reading

The Greatest Golf Tip Ever!

I have received about a million golf tips over the years. I have read them, watched them, listen to them, and practiced them. I have tried variations of the tips and tried to make many of them work. Through all the trial and error approaches I have used, there is one golf tip that has stuck. And I consider it the greatest golf tip ever! Continue reading

Starting Strong or Finishing Strong

Walking to the first tee is always daunting for some players. It can be the dreaded walk of shame depending on if anyone is watching. Starting strong is very important and for many it is the make or break shot that sets up their entire round.

On many an occasion, I have striped the ball down the center of the fairway to only struggle for the rest of the round. Contrary to that situation, I have struggled off the first tee and scored very low.

If you had a choice, would your rather start or finish strong?
Continue reading

Stretching Your Success Mindset in Golf

I am always amazed by the mental aspects of golf. There are many different approaches to improving our success mindset in golf, however all these choices just complicate the issue for me. I constantly try to make positive steps towards my ultimate golf goal and sometimes I forget the simple things that make all the difference between moving forward or stagnating.

Not seeing the forest for the trees is debilitating for a golfer. We have so many thoughts racing through our minds when playing and practicing, that I a surprised any positive golf thoughts can make it through the white noise! I have talked about creating a winning mindset before and as I grow as a player, I realize it is important to simplify my mental game to really be successful.  Continue reading