Fanning the Flames of Success in Golf

Many golfers want to play better! We have a burning fire within to lower our scores every time we tee it up. However, that is not always possible, especially if you have to wait 5 months to swing a club like those of use in the northern climes.

We are not complaining because golf season is just around the corner. My desire to play grows everyday and as such, I will soon be fanning the flames of success on the course. I continue to work out, I went to the golf show and I am mentally preparing to hit my first ball; I can see it already!

In the meantime, I have to wait. But that is okay; I have plenty to write about before I pull my clubs out for the first time in 2017. So, if you are in the same boat or you are have to work today, I want to wish you a Fantastic Friday!

I hope your day is what you expect and remember to be grateful!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Fanning the Flames of Success in Golf

  1. Jim, I went to the Orioles Blue Jays game in Sarasota on Wednesday. There were a ton of Ontario license plates in the parking lot. I am sure some of them had golf clubs in the trunk. Just sayin! 😛


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  2. Curious. Do they have any indoor facilities up there? Where you can not only play, but get feed back from the machines? We have a couple here. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ve been meaning to some evening. I’ve seen it advertised for like $10 p/hour. From what I understand they give you feedback like swing speed and spin just like the golf channel.

    If I lived up there a place like that would become my winter hangout.

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    • Kevin

      I did last year. But when I moved last summer, North Bay does not have anything like that. It used to, but closed for lack of use. So I sit and wait. When I used the indoor facilities before, it was very helpful to swing the club and to keep up with golf. Now, not so much.



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