The Greatest Golf Tip Ever!

I have received about a million golf tips over the years. I have read them, watched them, listen to them, and practiced them. I have tried variations of the tips and tried to make many of them work. Through all the trial and error approaches I have used, there is one golf tip that has stuck. And I consider it the greatest golf tip ever!

Grateful GolferBefore I make the big reveal, I think it is important you understand a bit of the back ground to this tip. The tip came from my Mom well over 20 years ago. She did not realize she was teaching me anything, but every time we discussed golf her lessen just poured out.

My mom started golfing at 44 and usually kept her handicap in the 20s through here 30 years of playing. She never tired of hitting the links and loved competition. Through the years, she never stopped trying to be a better golfer.

As I watched her, I realized the greatest golf tip ever has nothing to do with swing mechanics. It has nothing to do with a special trick or short game wizardry. It was actually a mental tip that has driven me to try to excel in golf.

My mom taught me that DESIRE is the silver bullet to success in golf! Desire is a driving force to want to be better! Desire is what quietly pushes me towards being a scratch golfer. Desire provides the ‘get up and go’ to remain motivated. Through all the times of discouragement due to poor play, desire has kept me focused on doing better. It is the foundation of my game for the past 20+ years. Thanks Mom!

I am grateful for this tip. For me it was the greatest golf tip ever! It may not be yours, but I believe that each of us has that one tip that makes all the difference in our game. Do you have that one tip that has stood the test of time for your golf game?

I am grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “The Greatest Golf Tip Ever!

  1. Yes i agree and for me i often play back a round or a hole or even a specific shot in my head and think ” next time i will use this club or play that shot ” and its the drive to constantly improve or prove to myself that keeps the fire burning.
    I know i have every shot in the locker and i know if can knit all these into one magnificent round i can do scratch however the truth is i am slightly too emotional to actually carry this out and the moments of darkness between backswing and follow through prevent me from doing this so my personal challenge is to constantly try and remain focused head down, eye on ball and relax…slow the back and follow…i can do all the practice swings like a pro and my set up is perfect and its maintaining this until i have actually hit each ball.

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    • Clint

      Sounds like you have all the right tools, just need to execute it on the course. You can conquer anything if you put your mind to it! Good luck keeping your emotions in check, but remember some emotions is a good thing for your game.



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