I Want To Rehit That Shot!

Have you ever struck a ball and immediately wanted to have it back? I know that over the course of a round of golf, there are several shots I wish I could call a do-over or mulligan. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are not do overs in golf….or are there?

Depending on your average score, many of us would like to have a the opportunity to hit certain shots again. For me, it usually happens on my approach shots. A little push or a slight tug is the difference between hitting or missing the green. As a low single digit handicapper, this happens about once or twice a round.

I am not suggesting that every missed shot to the green is a do-over, but it is usually those when I know I should have done better.

For instance, I was playing a par 4, 7th hole at Osprey this year. The shot is to hit the ball out towards the 150 yard marker and the aggressive shot is over the corner of the pond to the 100 yard marker. More often than not I take the aggressive route to leave me with a short approach shot. If I ever miss the green (and it happens more times that I would like), it is that approach shot I want back! I lost an opportunity to gain a stroke on the field!

When the chances to score well pop up, it is important to take advantage. The number of shots you want to do-over, in my opinion, depends on your abilities. The low shooters want less back. Here is what you had to say:

As you can see, we all would like to have shots back when we play. The real trick is to lower that number to a point when you executed, what you consider to be, a perfect round for your game. The score is irrelevant. Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.


2 thoughts on “I Want To Rehit That Shot!

  1. Good advice. I got the same from the guys a learned with. And I do use it still but only when I would not be slowing people down and only on courses that don’t have facilities to get warmed up first and I am not planning on using my score for handicap. At my normal course, they have no practice facilities, but they allow me to play all day so I play nine holes of warm up first. And when your in the mind set of warming up, a second ball or even a third isn’t something you worry about.

    I have also found that it helps some people get their game back after a miss. When I am playing with someone who is not keeping up I sometimes tell them to hit another when I see frustration on the face. It makes them feel better, keeps their spirits up, and that helps keep them from falling apart and getting worse. Moving on after a bad swing can be hard for us amateurs to manage sometimes and this can help.

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