Too Many Changes To Make One Shot

I was watching a video by Michael Breed who was a popular teacher on the Golf Channel. The video was about how to create solid contact and consistency. As I watched the video, I realized that I already make most of the adjustments Breed suggests, except moving my weight forward a smidge before starting my swing. I followed his video very easily, then it dawned on me that this video was not for the beginner and possibly for an intermediate player. The reason I think that this is an advanced video is because he has me changing no less than six things when hitting out of the rough. Here, take a look:

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The Big Swing of Bryson DeChambeau

One of the major discussions on the PGA Tour in 2020 is the drastic change in Bryson DeChambeau’s swing. His monstrous drives have eclipsed the imagination of many players and I am fairly sure that many golfers will try to emulate his success. Personally, I see little chance that I would be able to come close matching the powerful swing, but it is fun to watch.

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Louis Oosthuizen’s Swing Tips

Truthfully, I have don’t follow Louis Oosthuizen on tour. He is a top tier player who quietly goes about his business. Winning the Open Championship in 2010 and finishing 2nd, 5 times, Oosthuizen is a player who understands that it takes more than just showing up to be successful. He recently talked about three swing points he is working on and shared them so we can take his tips in improve our game.

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Swinging Your Golf Club To Hard

Let the big dog eat! Grip it and rip it! How many times have I heard players say it was the only way to play golf. Hit the ball with a full swing and let it fly! I can appreciate their intent, however I think they are miss interpreting what these sayings actually mean. Taking a rip at the ball does mean to swing out of your shoes, but taking a full controlled swing. If this seems like crazy talk you need to keep reading! Continue reading