Playing Golf In The Shadows

Depending on the time of day you play golf, shadows can cause a challenge. I like to play in the morning, but have played in the evening enough times to know that shadows do make our club choices and line selection difficult. The greatest challenge, at least for my game, is while putting on the green. Even putting through the shadow of the pin and flag is a challenge for my game. Shadows can be my kryptonite on the greens. How about you?

Long shadows on the first hole of Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort.

The greatest challenge is to not let the shadows distract my ability hit consistent, solid contact with every club. For me, I have found a way to improve my play in the shadows. It is not a difficult fix, but does take time to build the skill. If you are wondering, here is a short video that hits exactly what I am talking about:

Focus seems like an easy fix and it is for most shots. I agree that picking a small target is very important, but refining my contact focus is more critical. I like the idea of focusing on a dimple instead of the edge of the ball (which I normally do). This edge sometimes conflicts with my shadow enough that it makes it difficult to hit my focus point. I think I will try the dimple technique next time I am in a shadowy situation.

Playing golf in the shadows can be a challenge. Having tools to combat this issue is always a good thing. Next time you are making a shot from the shadows, try refining your focus on your target and a dimple. It just might be the fix you have be searching for.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Playing Golf In The Shadows

  1. Here the smart golfer aims for the shadows or he melts. lol

    Seriously, I’m only really kidding about the melting part. I do make a practice of aiming for shady spots to land and hit from when I can. The feel like temp even at 7 in the evening is still hovering just under 100 even though the temperature is under 90 by then. Only in the shade with a breeze do you get any relief this time of year. Thankfully it’s only a few short months and then it’s back to perfect golf weather.

    Really tough nite tonight. Just 3 of us in the skins game and we tied 2, 2, and 2 with all of us under par. We do par or better required for par 3’s and birdie+ on the fours and not a single par won a hole tonight. 1 went to a chip in eagle (not me), 4 went to long birdie putts and I won the last one when both the guys lipped out their birdie putts on 18. The only 6 footer I think I saw either of them miss all night. I figure I got lucky there. My chip was from directly under the hole and they gave it to me when I almost dripped it while their chips were left on the wrong sides of the hole and were pretty tricky putts to be fair. I skimmed by tonight again thanks to the wedge. lol Oh and I knew that going in so I had the glove on tonight. Needed to be all I can be. lol

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