Lending Golf Clubs To Friends

Over the years I have collected a few golf clubs that I keep as spares. They are mainly used as a loaner set to friends who are visiting and want to hit the links. I have a left handed set (almost full) several right handed sets, two ladies sets and two kids sets. They all sit in the garage just waiting for someone to use them. I do not mind lending my old clubs to other players for a round or to give them a trial run.

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What’s in Your Golf Bag?

I bet if you look in your golf bag, you will find a mix mash of clubs. Most amateur players are not loyal to one manufacturer and make no bones about it. Manufacturer loyalty is difficult given the plethora of choices facing anyone trying to purchase a new club.

Over the years, I have played Spalding, Ping, Cobra, Callaway, Titleist, and many knock off clubs. I have always searched for that right club to fix my game and sometimes I was lucky, but for the most part I searched for deals that I could afford.

The rate at which “new” technology is released is unbelievable. I find it impossible for manufacturers to produce all the innovative changes that are guaranteed to improve our golf game! It is just not possible. Not being independently wealthy, I also cannot afford a new driver every 4 months in the hopes that it will fix my game! Can you?

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