What’s in Your Golf Bag?

I bet if you look in your golf bag, you will find a mix mash of clubs. Most amateur players are not loyal to one manufacturer and make no bones about it. Manufacturer loyalty is difficult given the plethora of choices facing anyone trying to purchase a new club.

Over the years, I have played Spalding, Ping, Cobra, Callaway, Titleist, and many knock off clubs. I have always searched for that right club to fix my game and sometimes I was lucky, but for the most part I searched for deals that I could afford.

The rate at which “new” technology is released is unbelievable. I find it impossible for manufacturers to produce all the innovative changes that are guaranteed to improve our golf game! It is just not possible. Not being independently wealthy, I also cannot afford a new driver every 4 months in the hopes that it will fix my game! Can you?


My Titleist Ap2 irons and 915 Woods and Hybrid.

I am not in the golf club industry. I am a consumer and for the most part, a very selective one. As most of you are aware, I did decide to buy a complete set of clubs last year. I purchased the Titleist AP2 and the 915 Driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid. It was the most I have spent on clubs at one time in my entire life! The whole experience of buying my new clubs from Mike Claire, GM of Roundel Glen, was one of the reasons I decided to make this purchase. On a side note, I am not disappointed one bit in any of the choices!

To complete my set, I have 3 Titleist Vokey wedges and ProGear putter. So, I would suggest that I am a Titleist player for the time being. I love my clubs and I anticipate playing with these sticks for some time.

However, manufacturer loyalty is rare. Recently, I conducted a quick survey on the number of different clubs people had in their bag. This is what they said:

I am not surprised that 74% of the respondents had 3 or 4 different makes of clubs in their bag! Most of the conversations with people on social media suggested that people were looking for deals and were not loyal to any one manufacturer. This seems to be a trend.

If you visit any of the retail stores, they are promoting, selling, and offering deals on clubs everyday. It is a fast paced and somewhat high pressure method of trying to make the sale. Now, I do not begrudge any of these stores because they offer a service to all golfers, but it makes it difficult to stay loyal to any specific manufacturer when we are inundated with constant changes to technology and relentless media hype.

I have tried many different types of clubs from the major manufacturers and I could not really tell the difference in performance. I did not like the look or feel of certain clubs, but I did not notice any real change in how I hit the ball. If this is the case, why did I buy a complete set of Titleist clubs you may ask, well it came down to one thing: CUSTOMER SERVICE!

From the moment I started the process Mike Claire, GM of Roundel Glen Golf Course, provided excellent customer service. He arranged my club fitting with Jeff Stephenson, through the GM at Trillium Golf Course, Greg Seemungal. Both Jeff and Greg were outstanding; they answered all my questions and provided instant feedback on my swing during the entire process. At the end, Jeff provided a list of recommended lofts, shafts, and the lie of my current clubs.

The excellent customer service did not stop there. I went back to Mike to talk numbers. I explained that this was my largest golf purchase to date and if we could agree on a number, I would buy the complete set from him. Well, it did not take long and a week later, I was playing with my new set of clubs.

Personally, I am loyal to customer service. The club manufacturer is okay, but the face to face contact with someone I trust and who understands my needs is where I like to spend my money. I do not like to be snowed or lied too, I want a straight conversation about my requirements. I have more respect for the customer service representative who says “I don’t know” and quickly sets about finding the right answers in a reasonable amount of time than the person who thinks they know it all. I am loyal to customer service.

The next time you look in your golf bag, I bet you can remember which club reminds you of the best customer service.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


18 thoughts on “What’s in Your Golf Bag?

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  2. Now this is a great topic. I agree that all my irons should be the same. In addition all wedges should be the same. But as far as
    Driver and woods I see a lot of reasons for different manufacturers here. I have a Nike covert 3 wood which is way better than my titleist 3wood. I have the titleist driver but I don’t care for it at present. But I dislike the shaft in my current driver. I tried the Nike fly pro driver with the right shaft. It’s fantastic.
    Would you consider different clubs to be different years and different models or do you suggest that A Taylormade R5 and Taylormade Rocketballz 3 wood to be in the same vein??? To me they are as different as Nike and Puma.
    I am loyal to the titleist and Nike premium golf balls.
    This is a discussion to be had over the course of 18 holes of golf and some time at the 19th hole.

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    • Brian

      I think you are the same as most players. Over the past couple of years I have bounced around with different golf balls. I have experimented with the Wilson 50 and Duo this year with a product review coming out soon. Thanks for commenting.


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  3. Jim,

    Currently I have Mizuno wedges, Miura irons, a Callaway 5-wood, TaylorMade Burner 3-wood, a Titleist driver and an Odyssey putter in my bag, lol!

    I hadn’t even noticed how many different brands I had in my bag. It used to be less until I recently swapped my Mizuno irons for the Miura ones they sent me to review since I liked them so much.


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  4. I went with PING because I am tall and needed a custom fit. I was fitted at Golftown in Dartmouth before being posted to Trenton. I have always played with longer irons and I wanted to make sure the lie was also correct. The silver dot is 3.75 deg upright and 4iron – SW are all G15s configured this way. Ping G20 Driver, H2,H3,H4 and PING putter. So I am one of the minority with all PING clubs. I also love my ClicGear cart and Clicgear bag.


    • Mac

      I have seen your set of clubs. You are well kitted out for sure. It is interesting that the 3.75 degree upright lie is set for your irons, are your woods and hybrids the same? Thanks for letting us know what clubs you use.



      • A lot of people comment on how upright my irons are. Only my 4I-SW are 3.75 upright (silver dot) if you look at PING’s chart it makes sense when you look at my height and wrist to floor. Maybe when I eventually get new irons I will have my lie checked again and it might have changed with my swing. When I swing the club properly it does what it is supposed to do. I do have a lot of height on my shots though, not sure if that has anything to do with being upright.

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  5. The clubs you selected are premium clubs and will serve you well, when it comes to putters, I bit the bullet and purchased a Titleist Scotty Cameron. It was a lot of money for a club but am putting way better. To me, it is the most important club in the bag.


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