Salt Creek Golf Links

Today I am playing Salt Creek Golf Links. Located near the small town of Warkworth, it is a course I have not heard of until recently. It is one of the many courses in my area and a friend has invited me to hit the links with him. I am not sure what to expect from Salt Creek, but it looks like one of those fun tracks that might just surprise us.

One of the reasons for playing Salt Creek is to enjoy different courses in our area. It is important to support these smaller tracks so that golf will continue to thrive. I am going into today’s game with an open mind and positive expectations of a fun round. If nothing else, the company will be great and laughs will be had by all!

“Set in the beautiful hills of Northumberland County, Salt Creek Golf Links is a scenic 18-hole, par 65 course with beautiful natural topography and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no pressure for speedy play and families are welcome. Each hole tests the player in a different way and offers a chance to make use of all clubs. Natural woods and water make playing the eight par 3’s, nine par 4’s and one par 5 an enjoyable experience.”


Salt Creek Golf Links

I will update you on our round, tonight or tomorrow.

Have you ever played a course and you were surprised by what you found?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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