Lending Golf Clubs To Friends

Over the years I have collected a few golf clubs that I keep as spares. They are mainly used as a loaner set to friends who are visiting and want to hit the links. I have a left handed set (almost full) several right handed sets, two ladies sets and two kids sets. They all sit in the garage just waiting for someone to use them. I do not mind lending my old clubs to other players for a round or to give them a trial run.

Recently, I had a discussion with my friend Rick who is looking to replace his 3 and 5 wood. His current clubs are old with senior shafts (in my opinion too whippy for his swing) and have a very narrow face. He has trouble hitting these clubs and was looking to find suitable replacements. As one of our many conversations about golf, I offered the use of my recently retired 3 wood and my 5 wood Callaway Warbird. Both are my favourite stand-by clubs and think they will give Rick an opportunity to try a different style of club for more than a couple shots.

The Titleist 915 – 3 wood has a stiff shaft and normal sized club face. This particular club reacts well to solid contact and will provide Rick an opportunity to experiment with hitting the ball off the deck and a low tee.

The Callaway 5 wood Warbird is a very old club, but it is my favourite of all time. It has a Memphis 10 steel shaft that has a flex between a stiff an regular. It is a very forgiving club and its design allows for a sweeping swing that helps get the ball in the air off the deck. I love hitting this club and if I ever decide to replace my 3 hybrid, I would put this club back in my bag.

I told Rick that he could use these clubs for as long as he needs to make a decision on what clubs he wants to purchase in the future. I think that by lending Rick these two fairway woods, he will be able to establish specs for his future clubs. I do not mind lending some of my old clubs to anyone. I think it is a great way for others to experiment with different clubs before they invest a great deal of money on new equipment.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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