Properly Dropping A Golf Ball

As you probably know, the rules of golf changed in 2019. One of the major changes has to do with how to properly drop a golf ball to take relief. The logic of the governing bodies is to help ensure our ball stays in the drop area if dropped from a lower level. I understand the logic, but have to say I do not really agree with their conclusion.

Here is a short video on how to properly drop our ball:

Over my many years of playing competitively, I have probably dropped my ball for relief about 50 times. Considering how many golf shots I have made in tournaments, this is a very small number. Of those drops, I have only had to place the ball because it rolled out of the drop area about 5 times. If I use the new style of dropping from the knee, I think the ball would still have rolled out of the drop area 3 times. So you can see why I am not convinced that changing the height from which we drop the ball an important or needed change.

Now that the we are three years into the new rules, I am not really fussed about dropping the ball from the knee. I am sure the governing bodies did some research on the importance of making the change, but for my game it did not really make any difference. One thing I do know, understanding how to drop the ball properly for relief is an important skill all golfers should know and understand.

Did dropping the ball from your knee make any difference to your game?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Properly Dropping A Golf Ball

  1. Many of the tour pros and other top players had mastered the art of dropping from shoulder height so the ball would bounce out of relief area and allow them to place the ball. With knee high drops this is not as big an issue. I think the change was made to deal with high level players and not you and me.

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  2. I understand the intent of the new procedure of dropping a ball. Unfortunately, the new method can be a bit awkward for some older players and those with knee or back injuries as an example. I would have preferred that the governing bodies would have made the drop from knee height to waist which would have been easier. Right now, you really have to squat which doesn’t make much sense to me.

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  3. I’d have to say yes it did make a difference. Dropping on a downslope when you really, really don’t want the ball to run down too close to the gator at the waters edge at the bottom is a big help. 😂

    Dropped a good 25 footer yesterday that turned 4, maybe 5 feet for my first eagle in a while. Dropped two others outside of 15 foot too. Trying out a little forward press with the new putter. It feels weird to do it with this putter and I can’t aim it that way, I have to take aim first then press, but it seemed to be a big help out there. I hadn’t really tried it with this mallet because it just didn’t feel right, but I’ve played with the idea at home and now taken it to the course for two days and I’m liking it.

    It gives me the feeling that I’m more letting the putter fall than swinging it. And it provides a bit more aggressiveness so I can take a bit of turn out of my reads.

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    • Kevin,

      Sounds like you are on to something with the forward press with your hands on your putter. I chose not to forward press years ago. I moved the ball back in my stance slightly which accomplishes the same thing. Keep rolling them in!

      Cheers Jim


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