Lending Golf Clubs To Friends

Over the years I have collected a few golf clubs that I keep as spares. They are mainly used as a loaner set to friends who are visiting and want to hit the links. I have a left handed set (almost full) several right handed sets, two ladies sets and two kids sets. They all sit in the garage just waiting for someone to use them. I do not mind lending my old clubs to other players for a round or to give them a trial run.

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New Clubs for 2014

Previously, I discussed my annual trip to Golf Town to check out the deals and hopefully buy a new 3-wood or putter.  This yearly pilgrimage signifies the close of one season and the start of another.  I start by making a list of goals, hopes and aspirations for the upcoming golfing season.  To accomplish these amazing feats, I check my clubs and decide if I need any new equipment.  For me, purchasing new clubs is a want, but has to fit a need.

This year my list consisted of three major items (and some minor items that were definitely a want):

  1. 3-wood;
  2. putter; and
  3. rain gear.

Each of these items fills a goal of being able to have more options while on the tee and fairway, greater confidence around the green, and the ability to play in wet weather.  These goals seem very broad, but I will discuss them in greater detail in upcoming articles.

Back to my trip; as I entered the store, I followed my usual routine.  I walked around looking for sales, examined the new equipment, and then focused on the items on my list.  As a side note, I always go to the golf ball section to see the sales. Sometimes I impulse buy to try a new ball if the price is right.  But, not this trip.

I decided to start at the putters section.  The putter I use is approximately 10-years old.  It is a ProGear putter with a resign insert in the face.  I have had tremendous success with it through the years, unfortunately less so in the past two.  I did some research (checked out The White Dragon Putter – it is very interesting) to make sure I knew what I was looking before I tried them.  As my selection process started, I picked up a blade putter, mallet putter, offset putter….you name it I tried it.  I tried all the big named putters, not so bit name putters, and one was even a hockey stick (worked for Happy Gilmore!). Sadly or maybe not, I putted the same way with all the putters. It made no difference what so ever!  So after an hour and 500 putting strokes, I concluded that the reason for my failing putting stroke was not enough practice.  So I am going to start there before I buy a new club. Check out PGA.com for selecting a new putter, I found it very helpful.

Next was the wet weather gear.  It was a quick look.  I did not find anything I liked under $400.  I am not ready to spend that kind of cash on golf clothes……yet!

Callaway WarBird – 1998

Click On Image for Club Review from Golf.com

Last was my search for a new 3-wood.  I went around to all the different makes and models and tried a couple in Golf Town’s practice facility.  Most had a lower profile face; this is different for me because I still use my 1998 Callaway Warbird 3-wood.  It has a Memphis 10 shaft which I hit straight, but have lost some distance, hence the need for a change.

Ultimately, I chose the Callaway Razr Fit.  It suited my eyes well; it felt solid; and the ball appeared to jump off the club head.  It is a couple of years old, but I liked it better than the new technology clubs. Additionally, it was at the right price.  It has a stiff shaft and that fits the rest of my clubs.

Well, the 2014 season has officially started.  I am excited to see what this year brings.  As per earlier years, I am filled with hope and excitement for the links to open.  So the count down has started.  106 days!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!