2019 US Open: My Predictions

As with every Major, predicting the winner is challenging at best. The emergence of some old champions and the rise of new ones always muddies the waters. Like the PGA Championship, I believe that this weekends tournament will be dominated my the titans of golf. With one or two exceptions, Pebble Beach will be a beast to tame, but my predictions will be the ones at the top of the leaderboard on Sunday!

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US Open Week Is In Full Swing

The golfing world is again excited for the third Major of the 2019 PGA Tour season. The front end-loading of Majors appears to be a big hit for the fans and we shall see what happens at the end of the year. Throw in there the Majors for the LPGA and professional golf is on fire. So this week, we focus on the Men’s US Open at Pebble Beach. As with all Majors, there is tremendous talk about who is going to do what and when; in my opinion, this weekends event will be the ‘Clash of the Titans’!

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A Surprise Winner at The US Open

Before everyone starts to talk about Brooks Koepka again, this article is not about him. It is about a player who destroyed Shinnecock Hills on the Sunday of the US Open when the rest of the field struggled to break par. I am not sure what happened, but Tommy Fleetwood almost rose from the ashes like a fiery phoenix to snatch victory from the odds on favourites. Continue reading

The US Open Final Thoughts

Congrats to Brooks Koepka in his second US Open win. He is the first player since Curtis Strange to win back to back. This is an amazing feat considering the field, course and conditions. I am amazed by the 16 stroke difference from 2017, I wonder what caused such a difference in his score 😉!

I have three final thoughts about the US Open. The first has to do with the USGA. Every year they make the headlines about their approach to ‘making the course tough’ to fit the their standards. And every year they seem to miss the mark. Saturday afternoon at Shinnecock is a perfect example. I have played on lightning fast courses before, but Shinnecock was ridiculous. The USGA admitted the course ‘got away from them’; I am not sure what that means because a course should not require that much management over 4 days. I will admit I am not an expert, however if that much care is required over such a short period of time, the USGA needs to revisit their processes.

Back to back wins by Brooks is amazing. I am happy to see him step up and handle the pressure of the final round at a Major; I hope this equates to stronger play over the rest of the season. Except for Dustin Johnson, the results of the field demonstrate that there really is no dominant player in the Majors. The days of Tiger Woods like dominance are over and every Major is up for grabs. I like the state of golf and find if exciting to see who steps up each time.

Lastly, a big shout out to Tommy Fleetwood. Shooting a minus 7 when everyone else struggled to break par is amazing! I bet he never thought he would shoot 4 birdies in a row on the back 9. He is probably doing the ‘what if’ thinking game for the first 3 rounds. Regardless, it is an amazing score on a crazy tough track.

The US Open is over for another year. As always, it had some highlights, controversy, and stellar play. If the USGA could get out of its way, it would be the best Major of the year. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, it is 4th. Thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!