Watching The Golf Swings At The US Open

Have you ever taken the time to watch the golf swing of the various players? With so much attention paid to Bryson DeChambeau’s efforts to crush the ball, other long hitters (Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas) are over looked. If you take a look at my list of big hitters, you will notice that they are as physically diverse as are their swings. It really does not seem to matter if the player is large, slender, muscular, or extremely fit, their swings work for their them and produce amazing results.

As I watched DeChambeau and Mickelson create enough torque to twist a rusted bolt out with their bare hands, I could not help but wonder how they could control the ball. Mickelson’s recoil with his driver was something we see at long drive competitions. These two players were the epitome of “grip it and rip it” players. And as quickly as they swung the big dog, they switched long controlled swing when hitting short iron approach shots.

Jon Rahm had a powerful 3/4 swing that generate enough power lift tons of rock. His transition from backswing to downswing was as quick as any I have seen and again he had tremendous control. The long hitting Spaniard also seemed to change his swing when hitting medium to short irons, but still generated plenty of power to hit his ball a country mile.

Then there were players like Rory McIlroy and Justin Thomas. These smaller in stature players have a complete full swing. Their timing is amazing resulting in hitting the ball a as far anyone. Their balance and control with all their clubs produces the type of swing most amateurs want to emulate. Don’t get me wrong, they both go after the ball with their drivers, but they always seem to be in control no matter the club.

Dustin Johnson is an anomaly within the group. I realize it is strange to say something like that, but his swing is a long, smooth, controlled and powerful. This tall fit player calmly goes about his business regardless of the situation. His swing is long and his tempo is amazing. His demeanour is one that I would love to emulate all the time.

I could go on about the different players and their swings (Brooks Koepka, Corey Connor) and how they all have unique swings that generate amazing results. Their swings are as different as night and day and I guess that is lesson I need to learn about developing my swing.

It is important to find the tempo and power generation that I can replicate most of the time. I know I will never be a long ball hitter, but control is something that I can continue to try and improve on a regular basis. I feel that most of the time I have control over my swing, but there are times when it seems non-existent. Regardless, I know where I need to go with improving my swing and watching the professionals at the US Open tells me the only right answer to my quest is the one that fits my game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Watching The Golf Swings At The US Open

  1. Hi Jim, we were talking about this subject at the golf club the other day, and everyone agreed that the women seem to put the ball out there at a very decent distance, with seemingly no effort at all.
    Perhaps an easy swing from Louis Oosthuizen on the 17th today would have at least found the fairway.

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  2. Jim, who has your favorite swing to watch? Of the current lot, I think Rory is tops for me. He’s best at combining balance, power, speed, and agility, and seems to have recovered nicely from his dalliance with DeChambeau’s technique. Trying to get into some of his positions would cause an injury for this 60-year old frame 🙂 But, you can try to emulate some positions or tempo of the world’s best. For my swing, Louis Oosthuizen probably would be the best. In control and great tempo. When I was getting a lesson a couple years ago, my pro was trying to correct a cupped wrist at the top of my backswing. We were using Dustin Johnson as a mental get-to image. Of course I could never bow my wrist like he does but the picture was helpful.

    When the tour came to the Washington DC area, I used to go every year and my favorite spot was on the driving range. Would love watching these guys hit balls and never miss a shot (in my view). Inevitably, if I played the day after, I’d usually hit the ball quite well. Love how that rubbed off on me.



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    • Brian,

      I agree that Rory has a complete swing. I think his would be great to ape if possible. Right now Core Connors (Canadian 😉) has the swing and tempo I like. There are so many now that just about all have some qualities worth duplicating.

      Cheers Jim

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