The Open Champion – Phil Mickelson


USA’s Phil Mickelson holds the Claret Jug after winning the Open Championship at Muirfield on the fourth day of the 2013 Open Championship in Muirfield, Scotland on July 21 , 2013.Mickelson won with a score of three under par. UPI/Hugo Philpott

Congratulations to Phil Mickelson for winning the 2013 Open Championship.  It is the first time he has won this prestigious tournament and he did it with style.  Mickelson is one of the top players in the world and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame….and rightly so!

It is no secret that Phil Mickelson is my favorite golfers.  He embodies all the positive aspects of golf and yet is not afraid to speak his mind on issues of importance. His performance at The Open was solid and consistent.  He really did not do anything spectacular until the last six holes of the final day.  And what an awesome last sic holes! He hung around and hung around; pressing where required and playing safe when needed. There is a lesson in his win for all golfers.

Breaking 100

Practice your short game.  Mickelson practices 25 yards and closer all the time.  That is where real strokes are saved.  He is considered one of the best wedge players of all time; so to break 100 work on your short game!

Breaking 90

After practicing your short game, practice your putting!  Mickelson is a great putter.  He is no Steve Stricker, but Mickelson seems to sink the important putts when required; much like his putt on the final hole at Muirfield….simple spectacular!

Breaking 80

After conquering your wedges and putting, the next step is the range from 150 to 75 yards. This distance will determine your greens in regulation stat.  I believe this is the most important stat in golf.  If a player can be putting for birdie eight times out of ten….their scores drop considerably.

Phil Mickelson played great during the Open this year.  His steady approach shots, chipping and putting clearly demonstrated where most players should focus their practice time to lower their score.

Phil Mickelson’s quote “A great shot is one that you pull off and a smart shot is the one you hit when you don’t have the guts try it!”  I love this quote!

However, as amateurs to break 100 or 90 or 80, it is better to play more smart shots than great shots!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

9 thoughts on “The Open Champion – Phil Mickelson

  1. Wise post, Jim. My girls are now totally stoked about chipping and putting….and that area of the game is where “feel” and imagination reign over brute strength and club head speed. ANYONE can become a great putter and short game player. Practice is certainly the key. Making games out of it is the best…..take 10 balls and throw them around your short game area….with your eyes closed. Then go find them and see if you can get each up and down in 2 shots. Never know where they may end up when you toss them!


    • Rick

      Thanks. I play games all the time while practicing. One of my favorite is chipping over a ball that is 2 feet from my selected landing area. It helps me develop the feel for a lob or chip shot. If I hit the ball or fall short…no good. Thanks for the comment.



  2. Phil played great but he did not miss a putt of the 4 to 8 foot length. Next to Retief Goosen, the year he won his second U. S. Open, that was the best putting I’ve seen at a major championship. Let’s hope he can get that elusive U. S. Open.


    • You are absolutely right about the putting. Phil definitely putted extremely well this weekend, especially down the stretch. I also will cheer for Phil to win the US Open….it will complete his set. Thanks for the comment.



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