Making A Difference In Someone’s Life

Making a difference in someone’s life as easy as smiling and saying hello! Sometimes, it only  takes a second change someone’s world.  Just listening or offering a helping hand may be enough to make a difference.  Any small positive token of acceptance can occur anywhere; even on the golf course.  Golfers have a long history of helping others.  There are many golf charities that raise money for the military, the homeless, cancer research, under privileged kids, and many more.  All are important and provide support to those who may need it most.

Each year I try to play in charity golf tournaments or events to promote worth causes. It is a great way to give, play golf and support many charities.  Last year, I participated in the True Patriot Love Foundation event in North Bay, Ontario and in the 8 Wing Commander’s Golf Tournament in support of the local United Way Charity.

Next year, I plan on helping organize some events because giving your time is as important was a financial donation.  I believe it is important that everyone gives back and if we can do it through golf charities, then why not!  The PGA leads by example by giving back all year; Together, anything’s possible.

On an unrelated note, but in the spirit of Christmas and giving, I wanted to bring your attention to a young 17-year-old Winnipeg artist whose video went viral back in 2011. Sean Quigley isn’t just a musician but is very involved in charity and social justice movements. When “little Drummer Boy” and its music video where released, CD’s were sold under one condition, “All the money has to go to charity” said Quigley. In collaboration with a local radio station, CD’s where pressed and sold out in a matter of hours. Their agreement was honoured and every penny made from CD sales went to an organization whose goal is to end homelessness and poverty in Quigley’s hometown of Winnipeg.  Enjoy the video!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Making A Difference In Someone’s Life

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