Visualizing a Shot

Visualizing a shot in golf can be very difficult.  You can search, ask, apply and observe ways to visualize a golf shot, but it may just seem a bit overwhelming.  This skill is one of the most important to great success on the links.

Just watch the Pros pre-shot routine.  They look at all the elements that would affect their shot, choose a club, then stand behind the ball.  Then they just stop.  Focus and visualize the entire shot.  For just a few seconds they zero in on the target and eliminate all distractions.  Just like Bobby Jones in the movie Bagger Vance.

So how does a golfer achieve such clarity and focus?  Each person has the ability to visualize, but it does take practice.  The following are the steps that I go through to visualize shots:

  1. look at the lie of the ball;
  2. check my yardage;
  3. check the wind;
  4. check the elevation of the green;
  5. check the location of the pin;
  6. choose my target;
  7. select my club;
  8. stand over my ball;
  9. take one practice swing;
  10. move to 3 steps behind my ball;
  11. look at my ball – then my target;
  12. draw a mental line from my ball to my target;
  13. focus on the trajectory I need;
  14. return to the ball; then
  15. execute my shot.

The steps may seem like a long process, but all of this happens in 10 seconds or so. Steps 10 – 13 take about 4-5 seconds and is the real visualization portion of my golf shot. It is important to know that visualization is an intentional act.  For me, it is important to do my pre-shot routine because it sets me up the visualization portion of my shot. There is no question that visualizing my shot has enable me to be a single digit golfer. Moving forward, refining my Visualization skills is going to be key to becoming a scratch golfer.

Do you visualize your golf shot?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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