Golf is an Elite Sport

This was a fantastic week! I am grateful for the opportunity to watch my daughter play at the Canadian Forces National Volleyball Championship. It brought back fond memories of her days in high school and university when my wife and I traveled weekend after weekend watching her play. It was then that my wife and I understood the term “bottomless coffee cup”, but that is a story for another day. As years progressed, her skill level improved; also her desire to play volleyball at the elite level blossomed.

Blocking The Ball

Watching these players spike, dig, serve, and volley was thrilling. These young elite athletes live and die by each play. Etched on their faces was elation or agony depending on the result. If asked, these players would describe the countless hours of training on and off the court; the endless hours of learning new skills; the plethora of social events missed willingly sacrificed because of their dedication to the sport they love!

Sitting in the bleachers, I wondered if golf has the same dedicated athletes. The obvious answer is yes. But, do the elite golfers experience the same challenges as volleyball players. As with all sports, golfers have to put in the time, dedication and sacrifices to be successful at the elite level. Their passion is a bit less overt, however the drive to the top of their sport equals that of volleyball.

Golf is an elite sport. Not because it is difficult to play at the elite level; not because the swing mechanics is as complex as advanced calculus; or not because the mental stresses of 4+ hours of competition would even challenge the concentration of the Dali Lama! Golf is an elite sport because of the road to the top. The years of training, learning and dedication does ape all other sports. A parallel can be drawn from any sport to golf. Golf is elite in every aspect, in fact, golf eclipses all sports as “the” elite sport. Wonder why?

Golfers are considered elite athletes into their 60s. Anyone can become an elite golfer regardless of his or her current state of ability. Anyone can start golfing at any age and be successful. Golf accepts everyone. There are no height, speed, or strength restrictions. Anyone can swing a club and become an elite golfer if they are willing to put in the time, dedication and have the willingness to change.

Golf is an elite sport. It appeals to the masses and turns no one away. The process to greatness is the same as other sports. If you decide that being an elite golfer is in your future – the only question is “what are you willing to do to achieve this goal?”

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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