Golf Attitude Factor – GAF

GAF is a new golfing term I developed today on the golf course! My Golf Attitude Factor was on a sliding scale today! I started out as a 10 – dropped to a 3 – and finished as a 6! For those who are staring at the screen with a puzzled look, please let me explain!

Unfortunately, I have not swung a club in a week because of work! I hate it when life gets in the way – especially work! However, all amateurs must bare that cross! So, this morning as I approached the first tee box I was a 10 on the GAF and was looking forward to an excellent time on the links. I was playing with my usual group and their light-hearted approach to golf always make me smile!

As my game progressed, my GAF dropped to a 3! I actually chipped over the a green today….twice! I drove the ball fairly well, but my short game was reminiscent of 20 years ago, but that is life when I do not play for a week or so. My scoring was the worst to date and I was frustrated on every shot….and I mean every shot! Until….

Fixing a SwingOn the 13 hole, I stopped; yes just stopped; I changed my thoughts and changed my game. (Norman Vincent Peale) How this happened was actually very easy and as I look at it after the fact, obvious. My first step was to putt everything out! I know, most of you are saying that I should be doing that anyway, but when frustration kicks in, I have a tendency to stop following my proven successful routine!

Routine is my saviour on the golf course. I score my best when I follow my routine without exception. To help make sure my success, I have to do the following things:

After realizing that my game was not what was expected, I focused on what makes my game better – and hopefully great. After focusing on success, but GAF raised from 3 to 6!

6 is a good GAF considering how I played today. I was happy with my game, thoroughly enjoyed the company, and finished strong. In the future, I am going use the GAF to keep me focused and understand that my steady state should be at least a seven!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



9 thoughts on “Golf Attitude Factor – GAF

  1. Jim, I like your GAF because attitude is the one thing in this game you have complete control over. And as you rightly pointed out to me last week, they key is to manage your expectations. Easier said than done, especially when you’re having an off day; I get that. But if you step up to the first tee determined to keep a high GAF no matter how you play, you’ll probably end the day more satisfied. Thanks! Brian


    • Brian,

      How right you are. Keeping my GAF high throughout the round will be something I will work on for the rest of the year. Unfortunately or fortunately, my expectations are very high and hopefully it will not be a hindrance to my goal to be a scratch player.



  2. Perspective is a crazy thing, huh? Glad for you that you could do that, and you’ll take that into the next round. As you said, the obvious “back to the routine” is the way to go.


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