Day 2 of The Qualifying Tournament

Jim FinishWednesday I play in day 2 of the military qualifying tournament.  My last round was a grind and I was fortunate enough to shoot an 81, which was good enough for third place. After finishing the first round with a birdie, I have earned a place in the first group of low players.

As part of my preparation, I have played tomorrows round over and over in my mind. Each hole ended in a par or birdie and my final score was a 66. Some would scoff at my attempts to stay positive and to visualize a sub-par round, but I believe it is important to my success in any golfing event.

To stay with my theme of a golf handicap, it will play an important role in tomorrow’s round. Most people have difficulty shooting their handicap in tournaments and I believe that if I stay true to form I will make the team of 5 that will move forward to the next event.

What do you think? Do you normally shoot your handicap in tournaments?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Day 2 of The Qualifying Tournament

  1. Jim, fairways and greens my man. Stay in the process and the score will take care of itself. The best thing is that you are playing golf mid-week; gotta love it. Good luck and play well! Brian


    • Brian,

      Thanks. Just finished day two. Still in third, but am only 2 strokes out of first. Played well except for two swings. Cost me 4 strokes!
      All is good. Thanks for the positive support!



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