Trillium Wood Golf Club – Review

Trillium Wood Golf Club is nestled in the heart of Hastings County. This gem of a course lives up to its hype as one of the top courses in Southern Ontario, Canada. It has all the amenities to meet every golfers needs, with a course layout that will suit the challenge requirements of all golfers.

Trillium Wood is part of a three course affiliation with Roundel Glen Golf Course and The Frankford Golf Course. All within a 30-minute drive of each other, this trifecta of courses provides the perfect balance for anyone wanting a weekend getaway.

Trillium Practice RangeDriving up to the club house, I noticed an extra-large and well maintained driving range. Capable of holding at least 30 players, the tee area was slightly higher than the range itself. This unique feature helps players watch their ball flight and make any adjustments to any errant swing. Specifically, I liked how flat the tee box; it ensured a solid and level stance on every practice swing. Adjacent to the practice range was a large chipping green with a sand trap. This green was tilted slightly which helped players practice both up and downward chips towards a pin. This is a great feature because of the challenging greens on the course. The putting area is a bit small, but located conveniently beside the first tee. This is another great feature as players wait for their turn to challenge the course.

Surrounded by BunkersThe course has an exceptional layout. The multitude of dog legs, length of the holes, the elevated greens and bunker location blends perfectly together; making Trillium Wood a must play course. The course has many elevation changes that will challenge everyone’s course management skills.

Trillium Wood Golf Club ScorecardTrillium Wood Golf Course caters to every skill level. The distance of the tees make this course perfect for everyone. The shorter distance of the White tees allows the weekend player an opportunity to score well and still be challenged.  The intermediate Blue tees are for the mid-handicapper who wants to test their game. The Gold tees are for the single digit handicappers who are not afraid of the potential to score big numbers. The varying distances is a great feature of Trillium Wood as it provides an appropriate challenge to every skill level.

Par 4 - Over the Cabbage.The condition of the course was outstanding. The fairways were plush and well manicured. There was an opportunity for extra roll on your long shots, but not so long as to make the ball uncontrollable. The rolling fairways were expertly cut making course management important. This is not the typical ‘bash and chase’ fairways seen on most public courses; time and energy went into ensuring that every shot counted.

Surrounded by BunkersThe greens were very receptive. Hunting for the pin on most approach shots had its risk and reward. Make no mistake, if you hit the green you were rewarded; miss the green and the difficulty of an up and down increased exponentially. The greens were large and well guarded by a multitude of sand traps (which had spectacular sand in every bunker). The greens rolled true and had many subtle bends and curves that tested the mettle of every player. Most of the greens were elevated and this feature added to the complexity of an approach shot – making club selection very important.

GPS in Every CartTrillium Wood had GPS devices in every cart. These devices measured the distance to the front, back and middle of the green. It also showed the exact distance to bunkers and hazards. I particularly appreciated a feature of this device that explained the best way to play the hole! For someone playing the course for the first time, this assistance was invaluable!

Signature HoleThe clubhouse and Pro Shop were not exceedingly large. They were very functional and easily met the needs of any customer. They have an event tent that easily sat 150 people and serves as their function area. The facilities are very well maintained and provide a nice flow which adds to the positive ambiance of the course.

The staff was outstanding. Their positive, can-do approach to customer service was refreshing. The general manager, Greg Seemungal, delivers an atmosphere which draws golfers to Trillium Wood. The service in all areas of the course are first-rate and definitely a draw. The staff at Trillium Wood know that customer service is critical to the success of a golf course and they definitely deliver.

Overall, I would rate Trillium Wood Golf Club a 4.5 out of 5. It is an outstanding course that meets the needs of all golfers. At $55 a round at peak times, it has unquestionable value. If you have not played Trillium Wood yet, I would recommend you do!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



3 thoughts on “Trillium Wood Golf Club – Review

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  2. Jim, that’s one heck of a comprehensive review! Hopefully the GM at Trillium sees this and is able to share a great review. Also hope the course is listening to their players on social media.

    Great detail to the layout and the pictures were helpful in painting the picture in my head. Your landscape up the looks similar to our parkland style down here in SE Pennsylvania. Beautiful time of the year to play, and that’s what I’m missing most right now.

    By the way, at only 6700 yards from the tips, what makes it so difficult? Course rating of 142 is pretty stout!


    • Rick

      Thanks for the positive comments. The 142 rating is definitely tough. However, the course did not seem to play that as difficult. I will be going back to play from the tips to really see what this course holds. I am sure my view will change slightly! Great to hear from you….SE Pennsylvania sounds like a great place to play.



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