Moor Park Golf Club

Moor Park (2) smallOn my recent trip to the United Kingdom, I took the opportunity to quickly visit a historic site called Moor Park Golf Club. Although I did not play due to time constraints, I drove by this famous golf course and snapped a few pictures. A fellow golfing enthusiast, Pete Robbins, inventor of the White Dragon Putter, mentioned I should visit his old stomping grounds; thanks Pete for the awesome suggestion! I did venture over to the course and wish I would have had more time to play a round.

Moor Park (4) small

Moor Park Mansion

Moor Park Golf Club has a Grade I listed Palladian mansion set within several hundred acres of parkland to the south-east of Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire, England. It is called Moor Park Mansion because it is in the old park of the Manor of More. (Wikipedia)

It is an amazing sight when you first drive under the arch at the gate. As the private road meanders through lush grass and ancient trees, the sense of a strong history envelopes you!

 A warm welcome awaits the visiting golfer at Moor Park Golf Club – a club famous not only for its two challenging golf courses, but also for the imposing 17th century Mansion House which acts as the clubhouse and hospitality centre.

Set amidst 300 acres of mature woodland and finest Hertfordshire parkland, Moor Park features not one but two championship golf courses. Designed by Harry Colt in 1923 to blend into the grounds of the estate, the courses combine challenging golf holes – ideal for competition, practise or tuition. The High Course plays host annually to the Hertfordshire Stag, as well as regularly welcoming such events as the Carris Trophy, County Championship and English Seniors Open. (Moor Park Golf Course Website)

The Moor Park Mansion was not always the focal point this golf course. Specifically, during WWII, this grand edifice was the of Headquarters of the 1st Airborne Corps who planned Operation Market Garden. This daring mission, planned by Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, took place between September 17 and 25, 1944. Immortalized in the movie “A Bridge Too Far“, the origins of Operation Market Garden can be traced back to the Moor Park Mansion.

As I surveyed the grounds, the picturesque landscape is the first thing that caught my eye. The rolling hills, stately trees, and meticulously manicured landscape was impressive. Absorbing my surroundings, I was left to wonder and envision the history of this majestic site. If only the trees could talk….but I digress.

Moor Park small Moor Park (3) small

Visiting Moor Park Golf Club is a must for golfing enthusiasts! Next time, I hope to play the course and try to tame the High or West Course. From the outside looking in, Moor Park offers so much. Hopefully one day I will make the adventurous trek back and take in the entire golfing experience.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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