2016 USA Ryder Cup Captain

Who will be the next USA Ryder Cup Captain will be announced mid way through the 2015 professional golf season. After the crushing defeat last year at the hands of the Europeans, the US created a task force to examine how the US team is selected (including Captains and Vice-Captains). Unwilling to accept the current trend of losing (4-10-1 since 1985), the USA is attempting to find a better way to field a winning Ryder Cup Team.

The task force was created in the wake of Europe’s victory in the 2014 Ryder Cup in Gleneagles, Scotland. In addition to Sprague and Bevacqua, its members include past captains Raymond Floyd, Tom Lehman and Davis Love III; past Ryder Cup team members Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods; and PGA Vice President Paul Levy. Rydercup.com

I am not sure a “task force” is required to right the sinking ship, but that is the approach the PGA of America has decided to go. Given the big names involved, some unique solutions and ideas will be bantered about to find a winning solution.

Fred Couples

From Golf Digest

I could not find an official list of candidates for the Captaincy, but the first name that popped into my mind was Freddie Couples. He would be perfect for the job. He has led the US to three wins in the President’s Cup; is a well-respected veteran; and has the perfect temperament for The Ryder Cup.

As seen from the tweet above, many big names are in agreement with my choice. Freddie Couples is an obvious candidate and with any luck he will be selected as the 2016 USA Ryder Cup Captain!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “2016 USA Ryder Cup Captain

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  2. Jim, as a member of the PGA of America, I find the “task force” simply silly. As to your comments here, I second your opinion of Fred Couples. He’s done well both as a player and captain for the President’s Cup, so why not?

    I’ve always felt the Ryder Cup is a great “event” and I view it as an exhibition of the best players in the world (well, US and Europe), showing their stuff on the course. I don’t buy into the “us vs. them” mentality, even if bragging rights are at stake.

    Golf for me is a peaceful endeavor, to be enjoyed and in awe of. If the US loses again, I won’t feel bad for the players…they’re in a pretty sweet spot. All of them should be thankful they get to play for their country and have pride, for sure. But when the venom rises amongst fans and the press, I just lose interest. Turn off, for sure.


    • Rick

      As always your comments are well received. I agree that the Ryder Cup is a great event and the players should be grateful for playing in it. I am ok with a bit of competition between the teams, but not at the expense of the spirit of the match. Thanks for weighing in!


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