Fixing My Golf Swing Through Video

While practicing at the range I decided to video some shots with my pitching wedge. The reason was to see if I notice anything out of the ordinary because lately I was not hitting my PW crisp or solid. If I miss hit my PW, it was usually a thin shot. It was a bit frustrating because my PW is one of the best clubs in my bag.

As I watched this video (I realize I was hitting a bit quick) I noticed that when I was hitting the ball thin, my right knee was locked straight. I watched this video over and over to make sure and I was right.

So, I made an adjustment on the range and now hit my PW like the old me. This is an important club for me because my lay up distance is 115 yards – a full and controlled PW!

I find that using video to periodically check my swing really helps identify potential problems. How about you?

Do you use video to help with your golf swing? If so, what did you find out?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “Fixing My Golf Swing Through Video

  1. Good news you have sorted it out, I also have sometimes been hitting the wedges thin, nervous head movement seems to be the trouble, Looking to see where I want it to end up, in those cases it usually goes through the green.


  2. Jim,
    Glad you got that sorted out with your PW! Sometimes what it feels like we’re doing and what we’re actually doing are two different things. For that reason, I certainly find video helpful from time to time.


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