8 thoughts on “Golf’s Inner Calm

  1. That’s the awesome thing about golf – it’s not purely a physical journey. it’s about calm and balance and not doing too much or too little but, in a sense, doing it just right down the middle – at peace – and so it’s a mental, psychological and some would say spiritual game as much as it is physical. if you’re not grounded in your head or your emotions you’re likely to lose your way. Mantras sound like a good way to stay poised. And many a pro like Paul Azinger, for instance, always talks about ‘getting themselves back to quietness” (especially before a seemingly important or ‘heady’ hole during a tournament) often using breathing techniques or focusing on their steps while walking – stuff like that, that keeps you settled. I couldn’t agree more GG.


    • SVG

      Thanks for the comment. The trick is to remain calm and enjoy the ride during the times we need to perform the most. Golf offers many opportunities to challenge ourselves every time we play a round! Gotta love this game!



  2. Jim,

    It’s all about perspective for me. As much as golf is important to me, my success on the course does not define me as a person. Keeping this in mind really helps release some of the self-imposed pressure we feel from time to time.


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