Which Putter is Best For You

Using the proper putter is key to scoring low in golf! Many amateurs believe that the style of putter head is the key factor when selecting a putter. Of course, looks and feel are very important, however it is not the key point when putter shopping.

Basically, there are two types of putters. A face-balance putter and a toe-balanced putter. Each club is designed to help the golfer make solid contact on the ball to ensure the truest roll towards the hole.

When deciding which putter is best for your game, it is important to determine your natural swing plane with making contact with the ball. Does your putter head follow that square-square-square line; the inside-square-inside path; or the inside-square-square path? It is important to understand which of the putter head paths is most natural for you before deciding the type of putter you may need.

Once you have determined your putter path, it is time to move on to which type of putter you require. A face-balanced or toe-balanced putter. Using the proper balanced putter to match your natural swing path will help ensure your putts follow your intended line. The following video from Golf Monthly provides an easy to understand explanation of which putter is right for you:

Now that I have explained the basics, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you make the big purchase.

  • I emphasis the word ‘natural’ often. Of all actions in golf, I believe that your putter stroke should be all natural. It may not conform to the norms taught by the leading teachers, but if it works for you and the results meet your expectations, stick with your natural swing;
  • Ensure your putter is pleasing to your eye. If you do not like the way your new putter looks, you will not build the confidence you need to putt well;
  • Try using different putters with varying shaft lengths. As you stand over the ball, your natural stance will result in a predetermined length of putter shaft (or at least where to place your hands on the putter grip);
  • Experiment using putters that vary on how the putter shaft is attached to the putter head. Some have a 90 degree bend in them, others are bent slightly and others are straight. This is purely a preference and feel decision, but something worth considering; and
  • The weight of the putter. Some players like a heavy-headed putter. Yet, others like a light-headed putter. It really depends on feel and should be considered before making the big purchase.
Putt Centre

Toe-Balanced Putter

Choosing the right putter for you involves more that just a few putts in the store. It may seem like a detailed process, but ask yourself this question: How many putts do you make in one round?

Regardless of your answer, it is important to remember that your putter is the most used club in your bag.

For those who are wondering – my putting stroke is considered inside-square-square. I use a toe-weighted putter where the shaft goes directly into the putter head. My putter head would be considered heavy, but I have an insert in the face to help soften the contact of the putter head on the ball. I have used this putter for about 15 years and will use it until it breaks.

What kind of putting stroke do you have? What type of putter?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



8 thoughts on “Which Putter is Best For You

  1. Jim,

    My putting stroke, I think, is fairly square all the way through – straight back and straight through. Therefore I am more comfortable with the weight be fairly balanced on the face. I like a traditional looking putter, and don’t like switching putters too often.


    P.S. Did you ProV1’s make it?


  2. Aloha Jim,

    A good solid informative post! It was just last week that I first heard the terms “face-balanced” and “putter path”. A salesman watched me putt, then handled my putter, and announced that my putter path was square all the way and my putter was face-balanced. He was trying to sell me a putter that I considered too light, and I thought the terms were just sales-hype. But after reading your post, I will reconsider that judgment – thank you.

    A Hui Hou,

    Liked by 1 person

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