Golf Drill: Pennies From Heaven

Canadian Penny

Pennies from Heaven!

A transition date of February 4, 2013 was set after which the Royal Canadian Mint no longer distribute the penny. Although the Canadian penny is still circulation, it is only a matter of time before they disappear completely. At that point, golfers will have to transition to nickels or dimes, but that is a crux that all golfers will have to endure!

As always, I am looking for easy and repeatable drills that will benefit everyone. Barry, @flynhog1961 from Arkansas, passed on a great putting drill that his young daughter learned at a Razorbacks Golf Camp. He indicated that this penny drill came from  LPGA star Stacy Lewis and since learning the drill, “My daughter (recreational player now) still putts amazingly and swears its from Stacy’s penny drill.” I like this drill because any player, at any age, could set it up and receive immediate results.

The penny drill is easy to set up, has no time limit and will have lasting success in your short game. To set up the drill, you will need 4 pennies, 4 balls, and a hole. Place one penny at the North, South, East and West locations approximately 3 feet away from the hole.

Pick a start location and putt all 4 balls; when you sink 4 in a row; then move to the next coin. After completing all four locations, move the penny back 1 foot and repeat sinking golf balls at all 4 positions. Continue this drill until you have moved the pennies back to 6 feet.

You can easily see that this penny drill has many benefits. It is a variation of many putting drills we can find on the internet. What I like about this drill is the testimonial of success from Barry’s daughter. This easy, repeatable and effective drill engrained a habit of success that continues today.

Thank you Barry for passing on the penny drill! It is tips like these that help everyone improve their game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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