Understanding Great Golfers

  • What makes great golfers great?
  • What makes élite golfers, élite?
  • What makes superstar golfers, unstoppable?
Hitting to the second green from 150 yards out!

Belief is a powerful ally!

I have thought about these and other questions regularly. I often wonder why some players seem to totally dominate their respective opponents. This unique situation is not restricted to the professions, but happens in amateur events as well.

Yes, skill has something to do with the answer for sure, but let us assume for a moment that with all physical skills being relatively equal; what is that edge that repeated winners routinely display?

After much thought, I have concluded that the one quality above others that separates champions from the rest is belief. It really is as simple as that; they believe!

  • They believe that their swing will happen the same every time.
  • They believe that when they decide on a shot, they can make it.
  • They believe that they have the skills to succeed.
  • They believe that they are the best.
  • They believe that they can win all the time.
  • They just believe!

I realize that this might be an understatement, but belief is an extremely powerful ally. It is there when you are struggling and can lift you out of the quagmire of self-doubt. Belief can help frame success before you tee it up. Belief builds confidence that can defeat your opponent at any time during a match. Belief can build a foundation for great golf and can help produce low scores.

Does all of this sound simple. Well, it is! Except there is one important action that we must take to make sure belief flourishes in our golf game. Are you ready?

We have to accept belief. We need to whole-heartedly accept what belief is laying down! Removing or changing doubt to belief will immediately change your golf game. Great things will happen if we only believe!

Earlier when I said it was simple….well, maybe believing poses more challenges to our golf game then we expect. I am sure you have heard, “if the belief is strong enough, anything can happen”. This is true.

What happens if the belief is great; we look for ways to improve our game; we see the changes that will make us better; we start to make positive changes and then we start to belief even more! What a great golf cycle.

The great players of golf all have a strong belief that they can always win. They believe they will have their best game every time they stride to the first tee. They just believe.

Belief is a great ally; if we let it into our game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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