15 thoughts on “How Close for a Gimmie?

  1. HA! I like that saying, Jim. Usually we’ll go by the “within the leather” rule as a gimmie. That is, within the standard length of one’s putter grip. We can get some scary 2-footers at our course, so we can’t be too generous!


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  2. I would say 3 feet is usually my distance for gimmies also. I find for the most part is speeds up play and doesn’t really change the outcome much. I mean you could spend the extra time lining up the putt, practicing your stroke a couple times and making the putt, but it would slow things down a bit. Putts longer than 3 feet are sometimes offered to me, but I usually want to get those in on my own to improve because you need those 4-6 footers to go in order to get low scores. I really need to improve my chipping at this point to break my next barrier and consistenly play under 85.

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    • Mac

      Good on you for not taking anything longer than 3 feet. We all need to practice more out to 6 feet for sure. Also, it does speed up play, but only in a friendly! I will take all the 3 footers you want to give me next time we play!



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