The Start of my 2016 Golf Plan to Lower Scores

My 2016 adventures on and off the golf course are as holistic as ever. I believe all aspects of my life directly impact my golf game. How I am feeling emotionally, my mental state, and inner harmony are only a few areas that I focus my efforts off the golf course. Spending time exploring the tranquil path of a calm mind has tremendous and positive impact on my ability to excel on the golf course.Calm mindAs I move forward on my 2016 golfing journey, I will work on many non-golf relate things to improve my golf game. I will continue to work on my health through exercise, stretching, and proper diet; I will work on my inner strength by choosing to be grateful and meditating; and I will work on my self-confidence by being mindful, visualizing and creating a positive, winning attitude.

Golf can be a stressful game a times. During competitions, having a calm mind helps me stay focused and ready to play difficult shots. Having this calm mind takes preparation away from the golf course. Each day, I will devote time to staying healthy and focused on the blessing in my life.

Do you have an off-course part of your golf plan?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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