The Open Day 3: Moving Day

The Open is a great Major. This years Major at Royal Troon is providing something uniques that evens the field…if the players change thir course management.

I was reminded by Nathan, a regular member of The Grateful Golfer community, that The Open is about pure golf where weather and course conditions are major factors. The power and wedge play of the PGA is not an advantage on a pure links course. This years Open is about pure golf and draws many players back to a more traditional style of golf. What donyou think?

Nathan’s point is not lost. The weather conditions worsened as the day progressed. The afternoon pairings face tougher conditions, yet several were still players met the challenge head on and troomed Royal Troon.

It is difficult to disect any portion of the player’s game. Day 3 was a perfect example of playing reactive golf. Each player had a game plan, but more often than not, their plan changed and they reacted to what Royal Troon dained to offer.

This is a great lesson for all players. It is important to understand when to react and when to drive your golf game. I have played in many tournaments and have struggled learning this lesson. But, I can say that learing when to react to what the course offers does produce lower golf scores! Unfortumately, I learn this lesson from time to time.

Moving day at The Open did not produce any real surprises. Phil Mickelson was steady and played as a shooter, not a basher. Henrik Stenson was even more in sync with his game. The scores were by most of the field were considerably higher, but were as expected given the weather and course conditions. 

Day 4 will be about survival. The top of the leaderboard will continue to do more of the same and managed the links style course by being more reactive to what is offered by Royal Troon. Most North American followers will be red-eyed as they get up early to watch the presentation of the Claret Jug!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links! 


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