Bug Spray and Golf

One of the must haves in any golf bag is bug spray. In Canada, especially in the more northern locations, golfing without bug spray is not conducive to a fun round on the links. During various times of the summer, different insects can chase you from the course.

At my home course of Osprey Links Golf Course in Callander, Ontario, different holes on the course have their own species of bugs. So it is important to have some sort of protection from these pesky insects so they do not become a hazard in their own right. But, how do we guard against the various bugs while playing to ensure that they do not affect our golf score?

On our course, you will see mosquitoes, no-see-ums, horse flies, black flies, and several other species in between. They all like to bite, fly up your nose, in your ears, and into your hair. They can be a real annoyance unless you have some sort of bug spray.

The standard bug spray with deet is a popular choice. Something like deep woods off seems to be in most golf bags on our course. Personally, I do not like to use a spray with deet (it is a very bad chemical for most people), so I have other solutions I use as a bug spray. This was posted at our club house regarding bug spray:

Bug Spray

I have never seen this before, but holy smokes! Image what it does to your skin!

I have never seen this before, but it does make me think about ever using a non-organic bug spray again!

My wife made me an organic bug spray that is very effective. I am not 100% sure of the ingredients, but I think it has Tea Tree oil, witch hazel and water. It is very effective. I spray it on once per nine.

My wife swears by using lavender oil. It smells very nice and works very well. A few dabs will do you. I plan to give that a try very soon.

Lastly, a bounce sheet under you hat and in your back pocket works wonders. I am not sure what is in the sheet, but it is an excellent insect repellent.

Insect repellent is very important to most golfers. In northern Canada, bug spray is a must have. Bug spray is used for most of the summer and it helps keep the pesky insects away. But, according to the picture above, it can cause damage to the course, so please use it on the cart paths or in the parking lot!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



10 thoughts on “Bug Spray and Golf

  1. Great topic. I hate bugs. They are so freaking annoying. They have affected my shots at critical times. Here in Florida we have noseeums and mosquitoes. Some places have deer flies and my skin reacts poorly to being bitten. Seems some of my friends here don’t react as negatively. When I lived in Toronto I hated black flies and I always used deepwoods off. I’ve tried some natural concoctions but they aren’t as potent as some of the harsher chemicals. I’ll give a try to some of the solutions you mentioned.

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  2. Jim,

    A very dry Spring here in Calgary did wonders for preventing mosquitoes from hatching. Although I have swatted at a few, I have yet to apply bug spray this season. But when I do – always on the cart path!


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