Golfing in a 3 Man Scramble

Tomorrow I will be playing in a 3 man scramble at my home course of Osprey Links Golf Course. It is going to be very interesting because I have played in other events with Blair, but never with Geary. It will be fun to see how we play together because we all have different philosophies on how to play golf.

I am not suggesting that either is right or wrong, however I think we will have to modify our approaches to make sure we shoot our lowest possible score. I think to have a chance at winning, we will have to shoot a 9 under par 62. This score is easily attainable with 4 par 5s, 9 par 4s and 5 par 3s. All the par 5s are reachable and many of the par 4s are under 400 yards. Overall, Osprey Links is a great scoring course for a scramble tournament.

Scramble - Everyone lines up the putt!

3 Man Scramble – Everyone lines up the putt!

I am not sure about the approach we are going to use, but it will resemble other strategies discussed in previous posts. As I think about the event, I gravitate towards two areas that we must excel at to have a chance of winning.

The first is GIR. Greens in regulation percentage is always important to low golf scores and tomorrow will be no different. However, what will be equally important is how close we are to the hole before we putt. I have played in other events where my team had a very high GIR, but we were no closer than 15 feet from the hole. It made putting very difficult and our score reflected our poor approach shots. Therefore, tomorrow’s goal will be to be within 8 feet of the pin and have a high GIR percentage. I find that at 8 feet, a 3 man team will have a very good chance to make the putt!

The next important point for the scramble – be overly aggressive. I have a tendency to play safe sometimes and this attitude is transferred to the rest of the team. So tomorrow it will time to be aggressive. We will need to take the short route to the hole, hit the ball to the pin, and ensure our putts have enough steam to roll past the hole. Tomorrow will be time to take more risk and expect a higher reward.

Geary, Blair and I will discuss our approach; at that time I will express my views on having a high GIR with putts less than 8 feet and being aggressive on all our shots. If they agree, it will shape our strategy moving forward and hopefully we will walk away with the top prize!

If you have any sage advice about playing in a 3 man scramble, please share with the us. We are interested in what you have to say!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Golfing in a 3 Man Scramble

  1. Aloha Jim,

    I can’t give any useful advice to a player of your caliber. But I will offer up several points about order of play for you to consider. With the driver I don’t think order matters much, but with the irons I like to let the best iron player go first – let them attack the pin with a little pressure as possible. And if you have me (or someone like me) on your team, make me putt first – I just don’t seem to learn anything by watching others putt.

    Good luck tomorrow. If I were a betting man, my money would be on you.

    A Hui Hou,

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  2. Jim, given the format and venue you described, I’d be practicing today with only three clubs; driver, putter, and wedge. As you stated, proximity is the key. Play well tomorrow and update us with results!



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    • Brian

      Thanks for the advice and I agree. The challenge we have today is that it is still raining. First rain we have had in a month. If it clears up, I will take your advice for sure! I need to practice! Thanks and play well this weekend.


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